Corte - Energy Stealer

Hello everyone. my name is Lycan, and my aim is creating a new aspect in Vainglory. Today, I introduce Corte, the first hero in MOBA having weirdest debuff, Leakage!

Role: Bruiser, Captain
Path: CP, WP, Hybrid, Tank.

P/ Broadsword
Corte’s basic attack deals damage to all enemies nearby which deals 90% WP + 25% CP and apply 1 stack of Leakage.
Moreover, Corte still has energy bar, but doesn’t use Energy. Instead he store Excess Energy within his Broadsword, max 4. By the time, the Energy will slowly converted into Excess Energy, and the more Max Energy he has, the faster he stacks Excess Energy.
Leakage: user under affect will have energy reduced by 7% of max energy. Max 3 stacks. 3s duration and cannot be refreshed.

A/ Energy Suck
Corte chooses a target and deals X CP damage, applying 2 stack of Leakage for 3s. After the duration or the target provoke Leakage, they will be slowed for 40% for 2s. (increased by HP)

B/ Energy Spam
Passive: after each 2 stack of Leakage given by Corte, add 1 charge of Excess Energy.
Active: use one stack to shoot a projectile to an area, deal damage Y (both Crystal and Weapon, Crystal will deal more damage) and apply 1 stack of Leakage. This damage also heal Corte and all alies near the explosion.

U/ Black Hole
Corte jump in the air and slam at the ground, dealing Z (CP) damage and make the ground belows contaminated. Then, every enemy standing above will receive 1 stack of Leakage each 0.75s. Enemies who has 3 stack of Leakage will be stunned by 1s, this won’t applied again until next Black Hole.

Some note on this hero:


  • The amount Excess Energy converting will depend by % of Max Energy.
  • The time needed to gain 1 point of Excess Energy will depend by % of Max Energy.
  • Energy Regen is still apllied.
  • Excess Energy converting is faster than Regen, that’s why after staying in lane for a long time, this hero’s energy will be around 0. If the Energy is not enough to be converted, it will be paused until Energy is enough.


  • Using basic attack and B will add one stack of Leakage, while A will add 2.
  • Doesn’t refreshed when stacked, and it can be demonstrated by this: first stack will have the name Leakage 1, second will be Leakage 2 and third will be Leakage 3. When Leakage 1 goes off, next stack of Leakage will become Leakage 1, and so on.
  • However, the energy reduced won’t care about 1, 2, 3. It just counts how many Leakage does that person have and bam, you lost 21% of max energy if having 3 stacks.
  • If enemy blocks your attack, no Leakage is given.

Energy Spam

  • Use another resources, Excess Energy.
  • Deal hybrid damage, raw damage will be Crystal.
  • Building crystal will increase damage. Building WP will increase some damage. Building health will increase health regen.

Energy Suck

  • Building health will increase Duration of slow.

Black Hole

  • After the stun, target still receive Leakage. They just won’t receive stun anymore until next Black Hole. This can work by giving each Black Hole a unique ID.
  • If combined with Echo, the Echo Black Hole is a different Black Hole and still could stun the enemy.
  • If used on enemies already having 3 stacks of Leakage, stun immediately.

Big question what will he do versus non energy users who use focus/vengeance etc…

Then he is useless then :slight_smile: