Corrupt a wish game

  1. Respond to the “wish” above you in a way that completely… well… ruins it!

  2. Try to make the “Ruining” at least a sentence.

  3. Make a wish at the end of your post.

Example: I wish I was dead.

Wish granted. You suddenly have a heart attack and die. Through some freak experiment you are brought back to life as a zombie and now must feed on brains daily or lose your mind to hunger

I wish to rule the earth

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Good job now the entire world is tired of your tyranny and you have to deal with a war that has all continents’ militias against your own armies. Glhf

I wish to get to VG gold and never go below it as well as become a successful esports player

Good job you worked hard at getting their and even got an esports contract with SEMC as your spinser. Bad new semc went bankrupt

I wish I could go super Saiyan

The amount of power you emit destroys all life around you and you must live your entire life holding back immensely.

I wish I could control my own destiny easily

Granted but every time you change your destiny, the destinies of loved ones will change for the worse and you cannot stop it.

I wish I was immune to mental or physchological attacks and disorders

Wish granted you no longer have to type 30 character, but you must now write an essay each post

I wish for fooly cooly to be real

granted but it exists on an alternate universe

i wish i could have actual wishes

granted but you can’t actually use em

uhhhhh I wish borb was banned

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Granted, but we all follow Borb to a new forum where everyone is allowed except you.

I wish I had a better singing voice.


Granted, but now your talking voice sounds like a dying cat.

I wish someone would corrupt my wish. :wink:

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Granted but you will never know about it.

I wish Vainglory was a good game

Granted but now you must pay 100 bucks a month to enjoy it

I wish i was rich

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granted but now the government takes all of your riches

I wish I had more meaning to my miserable life

granted in the form of a puppy that you will love and take care of, only to receive immeasurable sadness after like 10-13 years according to google (or earlier if youre unlucky), and you will never recover from the pain of loss

i wish for world peace without any negative effects

Granted, but the wish granting gods messed up and somehow achieved world peace on the sun instead of Earth.

I wish that someone was named “Mary Sue” in real life.

Granted, but this woman named Mary Sue is a hobo who lives in a ditch.

I wish I had more $$

Granted but it’s some crappy crypto currency with falling prices

I wish phinn were OP


Granted, but he’ll be so broken that SEMC deletes him as the unique way to balance the game.
I wish my wish won’t be corrupted.

credits roll in

This text will be blurred

Wish granted but in a parallel universe

I wish ww3 would happen already