Controversial topic: Hats are bad for the game and are following the path of talents

My opinions towards hats are still the same before they were released. They are unnecessary clutter, heroes who already have headgear look ugly with hats (like double halo lance), they dont fit into the vainglory universe, and of course the obvious cashgrab. Here is a link to a post i made before hats were added. I upgraded my device so there isnt any freezes anymore, not sure if it hats affected the lower end devices but my other 4 points are still the same.

SEMC is adding more hats next update and will probably add more and more hats. This is following the exact path that happened to talents. People didnt want them to be added, people didnt like them after they were added, yet more and more will be added and it will be too late for them to be removed by then. And SEMC wont change it because it isnt the main focus of the game.

There probably wont be a hide hats option, nobody cares about hats, yet hats and hat material chests will be forced into our faces in more and more deals, events, battle pass and any other way that SEMC can think of.

The “community” (reddit) seems to brush off any small changes in the wrong direction, saying “oh stop complaining” or “it barely does anything you wont get affected”, but these things add up. Sure, the average player has little reason to care about these stuff, they only affect the image of SEMC and not the players. But when you are a veteran who wants Vainglory to grow and be successful, this is so sad alexa play despacito 3.


The real tea is when I do get the rare chance of getting a material chest. Even though it says ONLY materials in contain list.

I still get essence which I could build a country with the amount I have.


Like essence is pretty much useless besides crafting skins.

Can we just delete essence and have a high glory be the cost of completing a blueprint?

I personally don’t mind hats, considering the lack of cosmetics in VG.

However, I think they are unnecessary in the long run.
They are many other avenues of cosmetics that SEMC could have gone for, but I guest they chose whichever they thought was more beneficial to them.

In my opinion, they could have:

  • Give skins for Scout Cams. I love League’s varied ward skins. Some are just so adorable.
  • Give player icons and work the U.I. to fit it. I would love to show off my main.
  • Give ‘chroma’ style skins like League and some other games have done.

They Social Pings they gave are actually wonderful imo, but maybe a hit or miss for some depending on which set they want.
I have not hunt actively for them, but boy, the Sunny Set is just 2 pings away from being completed and the other 2 we have now are 1 ping away.

I agree with your statement that hats are like Talents.

I tolerate them, but I really really hate and question some Talents. Especially after doing the numbers for them.

I had a period of intense dislike because they spoiled the Blitz and Battle Royale modes for me in the first two to three patches they were introduced.

I now use the Talents to just get by Blitz and finish up Quest Chests. Ardan Rare Level 18 can help most idiotic team mates, lol.

I’m also using them to get Glory via the Daily Talent Chest. It’s small, but it’s a small repayment after investing so much Glory. It’ll take a while to get back what has been spent.

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Filling your game with cosmetics just makes it look grotesque and stupid and that’s what every single character with a hat is, grotesque and stupid. Instead of adding a ridiculous cosmetic effects that no one asked for they could have created skins for characters who barely have any or none at all like Lorelai. Vainglory doesn’t lack cosmetics it just lacks competent people to develop the game.

Lorelai remains to be a meme, instead of hats, why not personalize borders or custom hero specific recalls.

Taka playing with Taku recall


Custom recalls for heroes, voice packs for them… a lot better (but also a lot more effort to implement) vs hats. Especially if they had the lore going, it can lead to epic themed recalls/voice packs for every hero.

You get Essence from Material Chests items (Materials) get converted to Essence and you cannot store more than a certain amount of Materials.

I don’t like how the system is programmed in such a way that you can get duplicates for certain items, when it would have been much more fun and logical if they give the next best thing in line.

I’m mainly complaining about the Daily Talent Chest.
Give me all the Coins already!

The part that irks me the most is that a reason they cited for removing rose trail was that it was too heavy on lower end devices. Ok lmao. As they introduce more hats and as more materials drop we’ll see a lot more of them in the future…


Dont mention BF, I hate them too much for what they did to him.

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Since they decided to do a fat reset on the item tree, lets just reset VG and delete everything that isnt glory, ice, and blueprints /s

I agree. In my opinion, hats are way worse than talents, because they provide no ingame value other than aesthetic, and serve no real purpose. I liked the idea of talents before they were released, they were a decent idea to make brawls more interesting, until I realised they were p2w. Hats, on the other hand… what is the point. I play on phone, and you can hardly even see them (oh look Reza has a blue spot on his head). I’m not sure if they’re affecting performance on low-end devices, and if they are, they have to go. I’m pretty sure CaptainNeato has said part of the idea of vainglory is that it should be accessible for everyone.

I actually think it’s better to keep them separate, I don’t really want to be spending all my glory on skins. We could get rid of opals though.

These are all nice ideas, but are they really priority? Considering the current state of matchmaker, (I can’t believe I’m still saying this a good 8 months on) should cosmetics really be their focus?
I do love my Gong ward in LoL, but LoL is a game which is far ahead of VG, and has the time and employees to spend creating these things. As for the chroma skins, isn’t that basically what Skaarf’s and Catherine’s skins are? I mean yeah they’re treated as separate skins and that’s stupid but basically they’re recolours.

Also why the hell remove the charms pass? that was a great addition to the game, and now (cause they can’t even get right who gets to keep it) it’s just gone and I’m really pissed off.


Not to mention the Change to Echo Gauntlet, before they removed Echo entirely…

I honestly think that the player base isn’t balanced as in players in each rank to have an effective matchmaker.

Either that or Chaos ques is still on or the matchmaking algorithm is honestly broken.

I agree that the currency should have stuck to just Glory and ICE.

The Essence currency came about because of the initial skin system they’ve made.
That to me should have been just purely purchasable by ICE.
They should have not tried to give players a way to get skins so early in the game’s life without spending money.
Skins, should they want to make them accessible to F2P players; should have came from things like Season Events, Log-Ins etc. Even then, those skins should only be Rare ones.

As for other currencies, such as Opals and Sunlight… ugh. Those should have not been introduced.
Sunlight is ok in a sense? But management of it early on and now is just annoying to me.
Opals… oh boy, I hate how it came about. Stop babying the community and put your foot down, SEMC; and say: “We’re sorry, but we want those LE skins to come back to make money!”
LE skins shouldn’t have been made a thing to begin with!


What is BF? Blackfeather?

Did I get it correct?

The legend says so, but I don’t recall any hero being called like that.


How wouldn’t you know.

Blackfeather was the first and original stacked hero, then came Melon

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Get her name right first then we can continue our convo. No one is gonna disrespect is my princess malene… not on my watch


It is almost like semc wants to go back, but they don’t understand why it (cards) were successful before.

Look at hat materials. They reminded me of a dumbed down version cards.

The bottom line is hats add very little to the game. They don’t offer lore and are redunant as many skins already have cosmetic features. Hell, have you seen the electric halo on bf? The halo is over his sword!

Buggy, unneccesary, and embarassing.

Next is hat blueprints mark my words it’ll be “we saw the success of the skin changes and we want to bring it into the rest of the game” before we know it