Contender Skin Not advertised through app

I am having a problem with

These past 2 seasons Contender skins were advertised through the games app. Ardan + Kestrel, which I have both.

Come to find out there’s a Kensai contender skin that I just found out about?! It wasn’t advertised this time. Only on social media which I didn’t know about, neither did plenty of others. Please extend the time to obtain this skin

It was already given, sorry but you are late.

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I understand it was given. It wasn’t advertised, how were we supposed to know that their was a contender skin coming out? It wasn’t advertised to us. Please understand.

All seasons have one. It was also announced at the start of the season that a new contender skin was coming, yet it wasn’t said what skin was going to be.

Where was it announced? I’m a daily player of blitz and Battle Royale. It was not announced, ever. Only through social media.

At the end of the season, in that window of news no one ever reads.

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Trust me I read everything that’s in the game. Thanks for being supportive though