Contender Kensei

Ahahahahaha! My sunlight generation will triple from this skin!

The only change that I can tell is that his robo parts are gold rimmed.


Another half-baked LE Skin :tipping_hand_man:

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It reminds me Gantz :laughing:

The one time I decided to rank-up and I get this…

I regret a little bit at not getting Contender Ardan.

His robo parts are now black/dark grey, on default these are white.

Looks good imo, I like the contender skins tbh, I don’t see em as a reward for ranked, more like just a memento for each season. That’s why they’re so easy to get, but that’s also why they’re LE, cause they represent a specific past season.

Wish they had a title next to the name like: Contender Kensei A2018 where A stands for Autumn. Or sth like that idk.

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When does the season end?? I need all the contender skins, how much time is there?

4 more weeks.

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Does anyone even play Kensei anymore? I wish we’d get a Contender skin for a hero with a relatively high pick rate.

Or a badge to show the season won. Similar to the OW sprays for each competitive season. Badges would we shown on loadings screen

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He get a skin, he’ll be buff again hehe(i wish)

He will get a buff, but not because of him getting a skin.

I play Kensei. He’s actually decent. I mean there’s better options of course but he’s usable. For some reason he’s doing better now than he did with full tank comps. Though even these days most comps have usually 3 Tanks but at least they are much squishier and deal more damage. Either way I don’t mind, tank meta wasn’t bad in my opinion.

Whach L3oN streams, he spams Kensei and is amazing (but thats because its L3oN).

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I believe that. I remember his Kensei. Don’t think I’m gonna watch it though. I just play a few games every few days if I have someone to party with. Don’t think I wanna spend time on streams for that game. Even though he’s pretty entertaining.

I do It because watching a good Kensei is entertaining.

Yeah and watching Leon in general is entertaining but just not worth the time for me right now.

Nah man I thought Kensei was complete doodoo for this patch and the last. But with this patch something just happened in the convoluted balance changes that just made him better. He’s a good pick if you can play him right and can hyperfarm without depending on teammates (which is easy because his A has insane jungle clear).

Another contender skin under the belt. Am I the only one who thinks it looks nice and wouldn’t mind a free skin? noice.

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Also this news completely flew over my head…I don’t have Twitter so I heavily rely on in-game news and I haven’t been properly active til the last month so I think I missed it somehow.But I vaguely thought for a second once last week where is the T6 skin?

thank you for posting.

Nope you’re not alone. I love how Contender skins look as well.

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