[Conspiracy theory] Community “events”

So we have the 100 million kills community event and now the team reza vs team gwen event. Both are server wide events and a single player has VERY little power to contribute. Just saying, i wont play more because of these community events at all. I rather have guild events or team events which make the impact of each player much more meaningful.

Now onto the conspiracy theory. I think SMEC simply manually adjust the bar for these community events, i dont think they actually keep track of each kill and lunar fame for EVERY SINGLE PLAYER. I mean look at the 100m kills event, during the first few days, it was obvious that we werent able to reach 100m, but on the last day, we suddenly got 40m kills out of no where and everyone gets a useless rare key yay. Also 2x drop rate for golden tickets meaning more players buying those chests lel. Now the team reza vs team gwen event. We had NO power to choose which team we wanted, and its just split into a random 50/50 selection. If we could choose, team gwen would obviously win for obvious 2 large reasons. SMEC updates the bar daily, and we have no way to actually see the data. Its like they need time to figure out whats the best way to build up hype. Im predicting that team reza and team gwen will take turns having the lead every day so both teams can build up more hype. Also players earn lunar fame for buying stuff? Hmmmm. (Im not looking down on that, i dont care about marketing tactics as long as they dont affect gameplay). So yeah, thats my conspiracy theory. Community events are rigged.

Inb4 both teams magically tie at the end and everyone gets the free SKEEN. Its 50/50 for like a billion players so statistically it should even out.


I personally like community events, especially competitive ones like the current event. I dunno about the event being rigged it would feel pretty cheap if it was considering the wins you worked hard for would not mean anything and the ability to win a skin out of half of the playerbase does create a lot of incentive to play the game more. I just hope it isn’t rigged .-.

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Well thats my problem about community events. Working hard for kills or not, it doesn’t really matter. You are just one player compared to the entire playerbase. Expecting to make an impact is like expecting to win the lottery with just one draw. For me, it doesn’t incentivize me to play more at all.


Eh your points add up and when considering other players’ points it can really help. No player makes no impact in an event like this.

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rare key is not useless
it’s dopamine things… i love opening (free) rare chest

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The bar is incredibly skewed to the right even though the difference between both teams is barely anything. Even if you worked your ass off every day to earn like 100 lunar fame every day, compare that to 5 million fame (which is surprising little for the entire playerbase), thats 0.002%.


Kek opening chests which have like a 10% chance of not getting a dupe doesn’t trigger my dopamine

It’s still a collective effort. If everyone in one certain team had that mentality then the scores would become even more skewed. If one team has a lot more players with eligible skins for more fame, then that team will get way more points. It adds up.

Then again, the teams are randomly selected. Im selfish, so ill sit this one out (overseas anyways so cant play if i wanted to lel). If people were able to choose their own team instead, then that would be more interesting. We would actually see the underdogs working hard and supporting each other together. But nope its 50/50 so team gwen will be leading tomorrow or the day after.

Well if 5v5 games try to put as much people on the same clan as possible in the same team, then winning grants a lot of points to one team. I wish we just knew that and it would make it feel lime matches are much more impactful

Personally, by looking at the people around and which teams they’ve gotten (on the forums too), it seems to be a 8:2 split leaning towards Gwen. Which is strange considering we’re losing. Now, realistically this is probably some random chance, but it seems like the hard grinders and spenders are in Team Reza. There could be a chance that they are giving the 30% that already have everything they want a win, so the reward is not only given out less, but is worth less to the people who get it.

Idk though it’s probably just bs. I do think the back and forth hype thing will definitely happen though.

The thing about having people being able to choose their own team is that some people will wait until the last minute and choose the winning team so they can reap the benefits. Also, knowing that the majority of players prefer Gwen and her SE skin over Reza and his SE skin, I doubt there would be any competition for team Gwen. They would just dominate the whole event by just having a lot more than half of the playerbase.

What would make choosing teams interesting is if you had to choose your team before the event actually started, then the rewards would be based on who has the advantage. The team who has more players will be more likely to win, so they would win a good prize. The team who has less players will be at a disadvantage, but they will get a even better prize if they win instead. This is so the team who has less players will actually be motivated to fight for the win since they could say they were the underdogs and they got amazing rewards for it.


Well keep in mind the whole forum does not represent the entire playerbase

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Yeah, I did.
I literally said this could be a massive coincidence, and I said it was very likely.

Starting off with the previous kills event, some people speculate that the spike in the day few days - or rather the decrease the first couple of days - was due to Christmas and Christmas Eve. Yes, a lot of people were able to get time off work/school, but many people were out with their families or doing something in the community. After Christmas was over, the numbers started spiking because some people were still exempt from work/school but were not obstructed by plans.

You’ve said that the underdogs would try harder if they chose their own team, but you also said that a person’s effort was so insignificant that it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I don’t believe that every single underdog would work significantly harder - some would give up because the feel that the odds are against them, some don’t have enough time to work harder, some wouldn’t change how much they play, and some would tilt from losing a large margin. So realistically, only a portion would work harder but noting that a person hardly makes a difference, then would that portion really make a difference either? Which is it?

If you argue that it would make a difference, then that also exposes another flaw in your conspiracy. Even when teams are randomized, there will still be a team that is losing and a team that is winning. Surely the losing team would put more effort, right? Why is it that choosing a team would motivate people to win but being randomly put into a team - with the same prize and approximately the same amount of people as the other team- not motivate people to win? If you say that the underdogs will make a difference, then the currently losing gwen team should work harder and surpass reza’s team. Then the underdogs will be reza and they will push harder too. Back and forth it will fluctuate. So, would it really be rigging the system, or will the event play out clean and fair due to the reason you believe is true?

Even you have already agreed that it would be a fair event, which contradicts with what you’ve said in your first post.

Now if you continue to say that a person’s effort would not make a difference, then surely people will know that the 10 fame they’re getting per chest opening would hardly make a difference too. How would this be a successful marketing ploy if you’re getting 10 fame when you could get (70 or 80 idk) fame at least for winning 3 matches per day? If (70 or 80) fame makes little difference at first glance, then people would dare not touch a chest that gives them an even smaller difference.

Also, here you’re saying that it’ll be proof of a rig if the scores turn even but you contradict yourself by giving reason why that is easily possible with a fair system.

Yes I am contradicting myself with these arguments, but remember that it stems from your contradictory assumptions as well. So if you’re going to call me out on contradictions, then that is the same as calling yourself out to an extent.

I think that Semc cannot automatically update the scoreboard because of how they set up the interface and engine. Never have we seen anything updated live - it’s all pictures or videos with occasional buttons. Being limited to pictures means that it can’t have moving or dynamic parts that change over time. If they were limited to pictures and videos, then they would have to upload an infographic every second in order to simulate being live. That’s a lot of picture data being forced into our devices every time we open the game or refresh the market. It’s also a lot of data for a program to be generating a new infographic, send it around the lair, and then sent out. All of this over and over every few seconds. It’s more economic for it to be done manually - as they claim - and at less intervals. And if they really do do it manually, then someone or some people will have to wake up in the middle of the night many times to update it, which is probably not going to happen. Even twice a day would make a group of employees wake up at 4 A.M. every day for a week straight. Three times a day? Every midnight for a week.


Im sticking to my point in the OP, but what i meant when people were able to choose their own team is that there will be a split of personalities between the 2 teams, whereas a random 50/50 for each team will just mean that both teams are the same. And to add to what skieblue said, normally there would be more rewards if you are on the underdog’s side and win. Like when you bet between 2 teams, betting for the weaker team will give you a better payout when you win, and betting for the stronger team will give you a worser payout but a higher chance of winning. And by the underdog i meant team reza, because we all know that many more people will want to be on team gwen. Those who join team gwen would be the bandwagoners who join the better odds to win. Those who join team reza would want to play against the odds and prove the others wrong. So with that difference of personality, it would be more interesting to see both teams face off against each other, rather than a 50/50 split which statistically means that both sides have the exact same personality.

Basically, when players are given a choice to choose between the 2 teams, its no longer rng but a faceoff between 2 different factors. Be it the personality, skin preference, opinions, bandwagoning or the underdog effect. But a 50/50 random pick will simply be as boring as having the winner determined by flipping a coin.


I have only a few issue with this event. The RNG of the 5v5 teams and the lack of free choice.

If I pull a win for my 5v5 team by solo carrying I might grant 4 people on my side who are team Reza victory points while I am team Gwen this would mean I get 20% of the points while granting the enemy 80% you have no idea what you are doing with stuff like this. You might even fight vs 5 gwens and cost your own side a ton of points.

It is skewed !!!


I wish we had separate .matches where 1 side was all team gwen and the other reza. This will make matchmaking easier and more rewarding.


thinking that one person won’t have that much of an effect is a bad mentality. imagine if even 25% of one team thought about that, that’d be a huge loss since they’d be thinking "why should i even try? i’m only contributing ~80 to the 100 millions earned everyday.
it’s the same terrible mentality with voting. “one vote wont matter!” says a whole group of people, who then complain that they dont like their new appointed president, even though they didnt vote.

Again, its a 50/50 random pick for the entire playerbase. That means its the whole population and not a sample size. A 50/50 random pick will mean a 50/50 split of everything. If 25% of players have that mentality and didnt care about the event, it affects both teams equally.