[Conspiracy] reason PlayoffBeard left SEMC

He was against the joystick control idea.

I don’t know why this came to my mind. But I feel like he did not want to see Vainglory going this path. Clearly, it’s perfected for touch. And all of the heroes back then were designed for touch control. So he fought. And then he lost the battle and gotta go. Resigning is a way to protest.
This is totally fiction.

Note that this post got nothing to do with dissing or bashing the joystick control. I don’t have any comment with Vainglory implementing the joystick control :slight_smile: because I will stick with touch control anyway.


I doubt it. He gave clear reasons as to why he left, and I somehow doubt Joystick was in anyone’s minds at that point. Also, if anyone at SEMC was for Joystick, it’d be PoB. Not sayin he’s a scrub, he’s just all for the marketing.


But what if I told you…
puts on tinfoil hat
That the reasons on why he left were lies, and that he left solely because of joysticks?
X-Files theme plays

But in all seriousness, I agree with you, I don’t think that he would leave simply because of a new control mechanic.

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Well, that was the reason he gave to the public. We would never know the real reason.

Second, I work for a software company. I know how long it takes to make an idea on paper to reality. SEMC cant just come up with the idea of joystick last couple weeks.

But anyway, it was just a fiction.

by that point, joysticks were already in a pre done state.
everything that semc does takes more than just one month, exept for balancing the game.

I suppose. But still, as I said, I doubt it for other reasons.

we need to get matpat onto this straight away ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

mr konchimnon where did you get your profile picture its great tell me


just google Krul Vainglory my friend, it will be there. This is a fanmade art. Pretty cool huh. I don’t know who drew it though.

Looks like reaction from the og forums.

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