Confused about 3v3

The look of 3v3 map looks like it changed. Not saying the map changed but it looks different. Has this happened to anybody else?

I think the angle and zoom changes a bit - so it all feels a bit wrong. I think it was needed to enable the free camera feature.

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Makes sense! Well thanks! :smile:

I see …so I’m not going crazy hah? lol
It actually feels higher quality to me :smile:

Yea but it felt weird you know. :sunglasses:
I just had to do one emoji

Lmao :joy: yeah you get a 1st emoji badge

Some of the gamification especially the early stuff is hilarious :vgcheersx3:

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Got it

Thanks for the badge lel i got my first mention

Edit: Hi

Mime feels buttery smooth.:sunglasses:

Zoomed out feels okay… Zoom in and it’s way off what I’m used to. I used to play heroes like Reim and Krul zoomed in… Now it feels wierd.

Yeah the zoom in is one thing. But I feel like there is a change in the color tone for Halcyon Fold. Who else feels that way.

The color seems sharper, if that makes any sense. They may have taken the Fog of War in 5v5 and given the Fold a little Fog treatment, minus the actual Fog


The Fold looks more beautiful than ever.