Concept Art: Malene By Mushk Rivzi

Concept art

I R E A L L Y liked this one tho

I wished they incorporated the mask or mirror tbh


Shush im fixing my post @Saint7502 UwU

How do people find these? It’s cool.


Reposting an artist’s works without a direct link to the source is a big no-no …

I’d prefer a prominent link at the start of the post, with a couple of sample images if it makes sense to do so … reposting numerous images is robbing them of views/web traffic.

I’m hiding this topic until you update your OP.

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You do realize ive been doing this for all the concept art posts anyways. And i havent given the link to those posts either.
But I understand robbing them of the traffic. Just wanted to say that I havent done that multiple of times and they still aren’t unlisted.
Ill post a link :skull:

I dont mean to make it sound like im forgetting on purpose. Cuz im not but it was just said that i needed to do this and i havent been for like four concept art threads

Anyways Ill just post a link to the website :raised_hands:

It’s not my intention to be uneven in moderating your posts. As a rule, I read as many posts as I can, but I miss some because my full time job is pretty demanding of my time.

I’d be glad to unlist those others too, or you could just add the links as I’ve requested that you do for this one. :rbgwen:

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Never demanded that you should mod better, I was just salty that it was Unlisted

Only for an hour :minions_happy_t1: Thanks for editing it! :vgcheersx3: