Community Tier List [4.2]


Reza can literally walk the wall and even if slower - the dash will reach Lyra that is in the centre (just used B). Lyra B right now even if useful is FAR from the lyra B in 3vs3 back in the days… no abilities inside the B - that was reza (and a lot of heroes) show stopper. Right now her B is not stopping that much and for some heroes the slow is… meh.


Before you could wait for him to dive and then B to completely shut him down, now the BB wont stop reza other than prevent him from diving once.

I do prefer the current BB, the old one was toxic and unfair.


You still loose your top lane.


in 3vs3 was totally ok with 2.8 patch heroes, abilities, items, balance. In 5vs5 - nope, it’s too powerful. :slight_smile:


Though I wished the buffed it a little and I mean a LITTLE more.

The only thing useful is the slow which is only applied when they walk through and then its just irrelevant.

Maybe once the enemy is inside Bulwark, they have a small non stop slow until the leave the B area.

Snare was and still is a really strong debuff and in my opinion, the changes they did after really didn’t compensate for it that much…


The slow when overdriven is op though, no need to buff that. Also, they werent supposed to compensate the removal of the snare, It was a plain nerf, which im happy they did. Snare was broken by design, the objective was to change that, not remove that to give her another broken ability. Lyra is already top tier, and the slow is, as i said, op, she doesnt need any kind of buff.


Understandable but as I said, I wasn’t expecting a full compensation for the removal :hugs:

Not buffing that aspect. I think its a little… whats the word… Idk but to call her B op is a little much for my tastes. Its probably the strongest part in her kit but definitely not to other heros.


Nothing can, snare in 5vs5 with that radius will be OP as hell. Her B needs a little bit more buff, I agree on that one… maybe HP scaling effect of some type? For more late game potential - still, she is in a great spot right now.

  • in the current meta and build/skill up path - you more often will not end up with overdriven B as the game will be over when you are around 10-11 level (no matter if your team is winning or losing) and her B is strong only when overdriven, really. Atleast for me it ends like that 2/3 of the time. One sided games… MM doing it’s thing.


She is already top tier, and the overdriven B is very strong right now, arguably the best defensive ability of a roam, i dont think It needs any buff.


already said that. Would still love a small buff, but when I think about it - mid game and with HP scaling (i.e. affecting only roam Lyra). I would also buff a lot of other roams tho, but this is another topic.


They in general need to increase the gold and the exp roams gain, its not just about Lyra. Roams in general are struggling to get their items and overdrives


I was playing roam in 5v5 in tier 5-7 , we reached late game and I was surprised I had the least gold 6.5 k compared to last enemy 8.7 k , we were winning and I was playing Lyra roaming around , I did a lot for the team but I didn’t get bounty gold from kills because I wasn’t attacking the enemy I was protecting my team .