Community Tier List [4.2]


I did some changes , but I agree we need anka jungle she is strong pick .


It is what it is. Overall, @HipsterSkaarf did a nice job. Post the results!!


I know but i enjoy watching anka jungle in twitch streams , you actually reminded me of top cath mmmm Iam not seeing her played a lot probably situational , same for Kensei bottom I think Kensei is strong but not sure if he should be one of the top.


Cath top is too pro for the pros. :sunglasses:


Polls have closed!!

And the top community picks for 4.2 are…

:vgroles_captain: YATES
:vgroles_jungle: REZA
:vgroles_carry_top: SAN FENG
:vgroles_carry_mid: MAGNUS
:vgroles_carry_bot: GWEN

and… best :skaarf: : DEFAULT!!!1!!


Cool to scroll up and see the results. All top picks, minus the :skaarf: skin, I had chosen as well. Interesting to see Lyra so low on the mid lane list here. I think she’s really useful and self sufficient in lane.

*A self heal (albeit minor when on the CP path, but still, it’s a heal)
*Aoe long range damage and vision reveal
*Speed buff
*Self barrier to prevent divers coming out of the bush

I encourage more or you to try her mid!


Yeah, I really like seeing all the votes too. I was wondering how this group voting would turn out, but it’s pretty cool. If not the strongest picks, it at least says what we all think are the strongest.

What would be your ideal draft against the top heroes? Maybe Phinn, Ringo, Skaarf, possibly an Alpha, maybe Lorelai? That’d be an interesting comp to match them.


The top picks are a ridiculous team, for sure. I don’t think it would ever happen - but that’s the beauty of these forums, a poll like that, and hypothetical discussion.

Without too much detail, here’s how I’d counter it:
Captain: Churn
Jungler: GJ WP
Bot: Kinetic WP
Mid: Vox CP
Top: Lyra CP


Edited: misreading XD



The question was what you’d pick to counter a team of the top five community picks, i.e., this comp:

:vgroles_captain: YATES
:vgroles_jungle: REZA
:vgroles_carry_top: SAN FENG
:vgroles_carry_mid: MAGNUS
:vgroles_carry_bot: GWEN

and Veritas would go with this comp:

:vgroles_captain: Churnwalker
:vgroles_jungle: Grumpjaw WP
:vgroles_carry_top: Lyra CP (against Gwen)
:vgroles_carry_mid: Vox CP (against Magnus)
:vgroles_carry_bot: Kinetic WP (against San Feng)

I think those would be pretty good. Kinetic is a great pick against San Feng (I thought maybe Ringo, just because I don’t know how to play Kinetic very well yet, so I don’t think of her); and Lyra CP could menace Gwen a bit better than someone like Grumpjaw, I think, even though he’s better suited to top lane than jungle, typically. And Vox CP makes sense against Magnus, because the resonance bounces can really bully Magnus’s early game. I like Phinn a bit more than Churn, just because Phinn could bodyblock Yates a bit during the early match to reduce snowballing in mid lane.

What comp would you pick?


I wouldn’t play pick CP Vox against San Feng, the resonance bounces trigger his A, same for kinetic, it’s very easy for him to just absorb the C or the A.

Also, Cp Lyra, kinetic and Vox, reza would have a very easy time.


Oh! I read it wrong XD

I would pick:
:vgroles_captain: Lyra
:vgroles_carry_top: Grumpjaw
:vgroles_carry_mid: Samuel
:vgroles_carry_bot: Kinetic
:vgroles_jungle: Koshka or maybe… Lance


San Feng would be the biggest problem - absolutely. And yes, @VaKTaBi, as @HipsterSkaarf mentioned, I was drafting based off a countering the top results.

I get your point about Phinn’s body blocking, but I love CW’s repositioning capability, damage and heal share, etc.

My draft is based on a very defensive, counter, kite and poke strategy with GJ waiting for the right time to pounce. If Lyra does her job with well-timed B to prevent dives from Reza, and a good harass on Gwen early to get her behind, it’d be a fun game to watch.


Didn’t read this part - don’t know how I missed it. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I think Lyra can handle Reza VERY well. B to prevent a dive. A for dmg and self heal if he gets through, and a great escape mechanism to get back under a tower/toward an ally with her ult.

A churn with skillful hooks I believe could hinder Reza’s diving ability and help keep his carries protected. Kinetic B + A to stun and disengage Reza, plus a stun from churn, GJ has many opportunities for an easy meal if that Reza gets over aggressive. Again, I believe the comp I suggested with a cautious playstyle could lead to our top picks becoming very irritated and impatient.

But, I could be totally wrong! Beauty of these discussions.


To protect range heroes Lyra does better than CW IMO. Reason why historically the range comps always goes with Lyra as support. Her B allows her to avoid engages, and her A is really useful to keep your carries alive and enhance their kitting potential.


Iam not that good on 5v5 countering because the game has a very high team value over hero vs hero countering , so I would go for protection and locking down because we have Yates San feng Reza Magnus , diving Magnus and stopping Reza .

:vgroles_carry_top: cp black feather
:vgroles_carry_bot: baron
:vgroles_carry_mid: Malene
:vgroles_captain: phinn
:vgroles_jungle: tony

The goal is late game baron .


Gwen can snowball easily BF, and picking Baron into San Feng might not be good IMO. Malene… I don’t like her in mid since is really hard to make her work there, and Phinn can’t protect Baron from Reza.


Jungle tony is a tank not a wp and his job is protecting baron with cc and extra crucible , I think the idea behind my comp is the high blocking potential , you have black feather ult , Malene B , phinn unstoppable , tony cc and tank , and then baron damage and his block on B , so it’s anti dive comp but can work as a dive too with a little coordination , I think the focus is really on Reza and Magnus if one of them die you win , you just need late game baron killing them with few basic attacks .


The heal is so small that you better use it for offence ability in the CP path. You will achieve a lot more overall.


The healing isnt specially good for CP Lyra as @cha0z has said. The problem with that is to stop reza you will need to use your BB the moment he applies the passive, but he doesnt need to dice and can just wait. If he does, even if you then pop the B he will destroy you with how bursty he is, and if needed the C can pass through the BB. Also reza’s C breakes Churnwalker chains, same with Gwen (+ reza’s mobility makes chaining him hell), reason why i wouldnt pick Churnwalker into that.

Though the main problem is San Feng, he has way too many opportuities for the stun and whoever he stuns will die against reza (SF can bypass Lyra’s B). Im with @HipsterSkaarf, as roam a Phin would be better than Churnwalker to block Yate’s A.

As you said, this comp is extremely rare to happen and its definitely hard to beat.