Come, Rant All About 3.8!

I honestly want to see/read what people have to say about the new patch.

No need to justify it if you don’t want to.

I’m also going to rant myself!

So here goes!

  • Skin locking. I want all the other skins except Inara’s rare! Why can’t I buy them already!
  • Crafting Materials (for Hats only as of now). Why is this suddenly offline? Sure, I may not have any Opals to buy these Chests nor do I want to buy any with ICE, but can’t they at least tell us why?
  • Anka. Played as her against a balanced team comp. Still wrecked their faces, lol. Maybe more nerfs?
  • Mid lane babysitting sucks. Especially if that mid laner sucks at farming!
  • Item cool down icons. The change in location made me confuse! Why is it to the left now?!
  • Item placement in the build tree. Why is it not alphabetical anymore! I accidently bought Lifespring when I wanted Dragon Heart!
  • Talents. Why on earth that some Talents haven’t been nerf yet! That Lance is too slippery with his Epic!

More to come once I get my salt emitters warmed up!

Yeah I hate content locking it makes the update feel like it never even happened.


Atleast if they lock, let it be for 3 days. Sometimes they lock skins to chests for the entire month… we all know why they do that.

what i dislike about 3.8

  • rose trail isn’t there…
  • on point didn’t slow opponent

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