Collegiate ESports

Perhaps I am behind the times, but I recently found an ESports page on a College’s website when browsing their athletics page. I am curretnly thinking about making a transition with my work, and would be coaching a varsity sports team. I have an interview tomorrow, so I wanted to scope out the school’s vision and mission statements both from the athletics department and admissions department.

This is when I stumbled upon ESports, and of course, I bit the bait and got distracted. They listed 3 games that their junior varsity and varsity ESports (so cool! JV and Varsity ESports! - again, perhaps I’m behind the 8-ball here, but I love it!) are currently playing:

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Rainbow Six SIege
  • League of Legends (yay for MOBA!)

They also offer a summer ESports camps for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school and to play with some of their varsity gamers to learn more about the games and collegiate/professional gaming. Really cool!

Is this common at United States universities now? How about over in Europe (@Guest_78 & @VaKTaBi)?

I just thought this was pretty neat and wanted to share.

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The esports scene in colleges has been growing in recent years, but it isn’t too common atm. Overwatch and League are the mainly the games that some colleges have programs for.


In my university they have a team for Fortnite, League and Clash Royale if I remember well. Most universities at lest in Spain have some short of ESports along with the traditional ones.

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As @VaKTaBi said, in Spain most universities have as out of class activities Esports along with traditional sports. Don’t know about the rest of EU though. Here we even have some tournaments between universities and it’s pretty much like a professional team in terms of having a coach, a schedule for practicing with the team and all that.