College Project Survey, Please take it!

I’m doing a college project on carbon footprint.
The distance is in km

Please criticise it if you want.

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Done! Good luck with your project!


Took the survey but you should add the 0 option as a selectable option.

I would adda ratio to the vegetarian stuff too.
Like my family and I don’t eat meat in 90% of the cases…



Hope your project goes well <3

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i walk and there was no option so i chose cycle uwu

also i don[;t know what a carbon footprint is so the last question was answered neutrally

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Yeah I’m sorry about that. Its the first time I made a survey

Carbon footprint is amount of carbon in grams produced by a person in a year by their daily activities.

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This being the first time you’ve made a survey, more options or maybe using ‘other’ for things that have too many to specify or you don’t want to add too many options for a question is good.
The how you travel question is a good one for adding either ‘other’ or more options like walking and public transport instead of bus. I take a lot of public transport and some others but I just chose bus, and pigy chose cycling instead since there’s no walk.

That aside, hope you get a good sample size

I will keep that in mind.

And yeah walking doesn’t produce carbondioxide.
The point is I now have to calculate the amount of carbon footprint for all these answers and yeah I should have really put the others option.

But how will you calculate that when people don’t answer how much meat they eat? Meat is one of the worst offenders and there are people who eat it 3x a day…

I myself eat is perhaps twice a week…

Please don’t think too much about it. Its not going to be all that accurate. I will just take into account the regions from which the people have answered the survey and take averages of what a person eats in that country. After all a few 100 people can’t represent the whole world.

I’m just kid working on a environmental project cause he has it as an extra subject in his major while doing computer science. This isn’t any large scale research , we are expected to just ask around from people we know.

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