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I never understand how people can’t see the warnings that pop on hero selection; for instance I had already selected the captain role but no hero yet, assuming that my ranked matched team would understand that they could pick a carry or jungler, however they blatantly ignore that and both pick junglers. Honestly I would understand this if they actually played well. One picked Krul and the other Idris. My initial thought being that the Idris would assist me when I emerge into the lane but alas, I was wrong.
I ended up with 2 junglers that proceeded to completely ignore jungle enemies and build some steady gold, choosing to just go for kills (which they also failed to obtain). I was playing Catherine, quite commonplace for me if I play captain, bobbing in and out of the jungle hitting the overwhelming lane attackers with stuns and then retreating to safety while my good for nothing “teammates” continued to lolly gag in the jungle which led to me dying many times, even to the point at which I was considering placing my unmentionables in a vice in order to prevent myself from having children that would live to hear this absolutely painful experience that I endured.
Any thoughts on where I should get therapy after this traumatic match?

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Probably to make yourself feel better play a bot match and wreck some butt. xD


Just be glad you didn’t get 3 laners go for the jungle abondoning the lanes

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Mercilessly slaughtering computers just doesn’t feel the same as seething rage from a real person unfortunately. :sad:

I feel like this kind of stuff was more common in 3v3 but since 5v5 I think I’ve seen this happen once. I’m surprised that this happened especially since you chose captain, just take comfort in the fact that this is probably not gonna happen again for awhile. If I were in that position I would’ve just started laning.

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"both pick junglers"
Idris is a laner lol.
was he cp or wp? cp idris and wp krul jungle is meta atm.
And you sure the idris wasnt rotating to the jungle for ambient gold? The roam is supposed to handle the lane when that happens.

Only said that because he was running cp and picked it as his role.

What did you expect from 5 man soloQ?

People are selfish. Majority doesn’t care as long as they get to play what they want and how they want


I get the opposite, 3 heroes in one lane, leaving the jungle exp just sitting there for the taking, except nobody taking it.

Me alone in one lane getting killed by 3 laners, while 3 laners can’t even take down 1 turret and expecting me to hold the lane forever.

Lack of map awareness. Lack of skill. Bad matchmaking.

Me pinging “I need help” here :vg_groupup::vg_go: I announce my energy and health, i port back. next thing i know, turret down. I start to jungle, because i just can’t stand looking at those little dots on the map not being taken down, and they ping me to go lane, GEEEZSss… so i do, and they go lane, LEAVING no jungler… not that it matters, because the enemy is smart enough to take our jungle, so I got nothing except for scraps.

I also get melee dive heroes who refuse to dive, expecting back line mages to be the front line. Yup, Let’s make the squishy hero take all the damage and then dive in, good plan :thumbs:

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I just recently got a team that didn’t want the jungle at all we won somehow but i couldn’t play i built and picked acording to the roles they said so i ended up as a wp grace trying to jungle with half the enemy team in our jungle

I think my biggest common issue with you is how I can manage to 2v1 a carry and a babysitting captain all game while no one is jungling, and somehow no one can push their turret and then blatantly ignore my I need help ping.

I once was CP Vox and 2v1 a Celeste/Lyra in mid lane. I was so busy that I got to 5k gold. Every time I went to shop, they would push and no one came to help so that I could switch

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i hear you loud and clear. I use “I need help” then :vg_go: amd :vg_groupup: and to top it off, i announce my health and energy, To really drive it home that i need to port back.

Honestly, one would think a single “i need help” is enough. but they just don’t use the damn map.

i also need to ping jungle camps to tell them i need it, even though its crystal clear that i’m on low health and low energy.

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That same game, I finally got a break after killing the Celeste and forcing Lyra to port. Was one hit from dying with 5.4k gold I think, so I go to port back, and my jungler (after all game of not stepping a foot into my lane) comes running to underneath the turret with a Koshka comically on his ass, spam pinging the green target on her…

She dove under the turret with A, one B and we were both dead. I was so mad :joy:

I wish I need help was enough


Wish map awareness would kick in and they would realize 1v2 isn’t ideal

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