Classification of Heroes


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Journey Boots

No, she’s a mid-ranged assassin. The difference between her and baptiste for example is that he can take advantage of wp or AS much better than she can, and she doesn’t go in for melee executes unless health is low, where baptiste’s, reim’s, krul,s, etc.'s melee use is more prevalent. To clarify on ranged carry, I meant long ranged carry, like skaarf or celeste, not an adc or aa ranged carry.


Okey, so San Feng, yates and reza are ranged?


:potoo: I love where this is going, please keep going!

If a AA is melee than the hero is melee. Anka is simply a Melee Assassin. From the top of my head, I “think” VG doesnt have any ranged assasssins.

Yes Reza and Anka have ranged abilities but if you look at it from a kit p.o.v, it comes back to they have to get in close to finish because thats how they are supposed to be played.

You dont finish a enemy (as a reza) with you As to kill them…
But thats just how I think :open_hands:

Also I just realized someone derailed the original discussion (And I was a part of it :confused:)


No, they’re not. Unlike Anka which chips enemies with her B, Sang Feng utilizes his B and A a lot more, and Reza utilizes his perk, making them both more melee range oriented. Anka stays mid range until she can safely warp in to do good enough dmg or get a kill. She doesn’t warp in every A and do melee dmg, making her a mid ranged hero.

@VaKTaBi Anka does not slow and potentially stun enemies and force them to stay in place. Her cooldowns are also longer than bapstiste’s A. She does not proc AS better than baptiste. Again, she only goes in to melee when its worth it, whereas other heroes go in to melee consistently to actually maximize their dmg. That makes her different.


Ylva is considered assassin, and its ranged.

Thats a matter of play styles, not kit.

Anka synergises a lot more with AS than baptiste.

This is off topic, so i will end the discussion here.


Exactly. She’s a mid ranged assassin, he’d a mage. However like reim he’s a mage that specializes in cc making him perfect for as. Baptiste played as cp does in fact utilize as well, as in when someone gets locked down with his B, same aa reim. She doesn’t always engage, else you’d be jumping into the enemy team on every ability. Notice I didn’t say Anka doesn’t proc as well, just not better than baptiste.


A melee assassin would be someone like krul or glaive or even koshka. She only melees when she needs to, not as her main dmg source, which is her b, which is mid ranged, therefore she is a mid ranged assassin to me. I am fine with disagreeing with you there.

Baptiste can use as and uses it fine. So does reim despite the fact that people don’t usually use it on him in place of stronger dmg items or more cooldown or even defense. As for knowing when to engage, that is exactly my point: you don’t always go in to engage with her melee whereas you do that with heroes like koshka or reza. And due to that she doesn’t proc as often meaning she can’t possibly use as better.


Glave krul and Ylva all have the dart out and jump on the enemy playstyle, where glave and krul can also sit out and duel. They can be played as assassins but are duelers as well. Again, just because it doesn’t give him more dmg overall doesn’t mean it doesn’t complement his kit. Pure cp doesn’t synergize with trapping an enemy with your B, doesn’t mean it’s not the strongest outright build in terms of dmg.

Also no one is claiming that poke makes you a ranged hero. BF and Idris both use melee attacks more than Anka does. Again I didn’t say AS wasn’t good with her. I specifically said it’s not better used on her than with heroes that proc it more often.


Is CP Ylva not a ranged assassin? An ambush assassin in stead of dive sure, but imo an assassin all the same.


As Guest said before, yes she is.

I just forgot about her because she’s irrelevant to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is Ylva specifically irrelevant to you? She is certainly not very strong, but not useless for sure.


Because Im not a fan of her play style.

Its nothing against her but when I want to play an assassin I usually just go with a confort pick, and to add on more salt to the wound, I haven’t attempted to learn her.


Sometimes it’s not a matter of strength. Some heroes just don’t make an impact in certain people, for example, in my case it’s inara. While she is very strong, she didn’t make an impact on me, and when I discuss something or while drafting, I rarely (if ever) think of her. Ylva is another hero for me, and GJ. Those heroes only come into my mind when they are op.


It seems you dislike aggressive early/mid junglers that transition into a more supportive utility role in the late game.


In the case of GJ yes, for Inara and Ylva i dont dislike them, i just dont care about them.


Some people have mentioned Ylva, but also Idris if you go CP.


I think your getting confused, WP Idris is the assassin path while CP is more along the lines of kiting like a adc.

And also yes, I forgot Ylva.


Yeah but he’s still more or less an assassin. My point was he becomes ranged when you build CP.


So he becomes a ranged assassin when he has both perks but the balance team made it where its not worth unlocking both without some major drawbacks so I personally dont count him as one if the team doesn’t want it to be like that.