Circus theme skins?

I went to a circus this weekend, and it got me thinking about a circus themed skin line. It’s probably an unrealistic idea considering there are actual circuses in heroes’ lore already, but there’s halfway decent potential in it at least.

Ring Master Ozo I’m sorry
Juggler Petal that one’s eh
Lion/Tiger tamer Glaive/Fortress Fortress’ ult wolves could be the big cats?
Trapeze (or other such partner act) two-part skin for Celeste/Vox
A circus skin for Ringo there should be one regardlesss
Fire Eater Reza, maybe?
Sword Swallower Idris/Krul/Blackfeather
Magician Samuel optical illusions, things like that
Ringmaster Adagio/Ardan

It’s kind of far-fetched and I definitely didn’t put much thought into it as a whole, but it’d be kind of neat. Add on? Give me feedback?


I love this idea. Send this to SEMC rn

I agree with @NinjaBryden – love when there’s a theme to a group of skins, and a circus is way more appealing than the boring “Elite Force”, for example


I concur (for whatever that’s worth lol). Great idea!

Clown on unicycle Skye anyone?


i was thinking petal rolling around on a ball, while juggling. ihad many ideas for circus themed skins after seeing a pantomime prehaps i shall draw them one day

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This is so funny, I’ve been trying to draw an idea for a Circus-themed Ringo I’ve had in my head for almost 5 months or so now. I’m not very good at drawing but the idea is very intricate and I’ve done a lot of research. I’d love to show it off but I just can’t draw. At all. I promise you if I could show it, you’d get your socks blown off though. It’s Legendary-tier worthy.


Maybe give us a rough sketch and description of intent and someone with talent can bring it to life

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Okay, I’ll do my best. I’m just very nervous of idea snatching, it’s happened to me in the past.