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Ciderhelm Voice pack


Hey guys, notice how Paladins has custom voice packs you can buy? Well, imagine if VG had 'em too. It would be much easier to grab Triple Kills (sorry, i play 3v3) if Ciderhelm was the announcer. The Buttery Smooth Voice of Victory. I’m just saying, if SMEC implemented a Ciderhelm Announcer DLC that costed money, I would buy it. Anyone else?


They won’t be adding any voice changes as they said themselves, but YES I WOULD INSTABUY THAT


oh god. I can just imagine all the weird requests made after voices are a choice to be bought…

It’s going to be like your car’s navigation… donald duck… Mario… Darth vader… the list is endless…


Instead of “You have been killed” I want this with the sound effect and everything


YES I want to hear my device burst out “hey guys, this is ciderhelm and welcome to the Halcyon Fold” every match


Personally I want Bugs Bunny to be the commentary every-time i make a kill.

“You’re Legendary, Doc” “Eh, Rampage, Doc” “triple kill, Doc” “Penta kill, Doc”

Daffy Duck every time i die.

Porky Pig “that’s all fokes” when the game ends.

I’d have the wrestling announcer guy say “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” at the beginning of each match.



I still want the original Unreal Tournament announcer voice for this game.


Can we get a Tom Ellis voice pack too I’d spend 100 bucks on just that


well, once the size of the app doesnt matter anymore (so no old devices to take care off, you dont have download everything for an update) they might actually do stuff like this. i am sure that they would sell quite well.


How about a Skaarf voice pack so I can just hear those adorable noises all match?


I want a Cate Blanchett voice pack.


Let’s get an Asuka voice pack so if you die it can yell


it’ll also shame you for the entire match, moreso if you’re doing good.


Trump voice change and anytime you die it says you’re fired


and after the game, he says that he did a wonderful job and a loss is to blame on obama…


And all her voice lines are in Japanese or German only :laughing: