Churnwalker Thoughts

I just had a casual match today using Churnwalker.
Enemies were pushing midlane, and I was there to defend it. I managed to hook 4 people. Celeste’s Solar Storm hit, like, three of them. Their health(s) weren’t just chunked, they were DEVOURED.

He has amazing potential, but the moment you miss or accidentally “rehook” someone in a teamfight, you are a walking duck. And a lot of those misses come from, what I believe, how unclear the hooks are in the middle of the teamfight. Like, looking for Catherine to ult is 4K UHD CLEAR compared to figuring out how many (and which) victims you have hooked.

I wish hooked enemies had ORANGE healthbars instead of RED. That’s the most non-intrusive interface I can think of that clearly does its job. Additionally he should have an indicator below his healthbar to tell you how many victims he has hooked. Perhaps make this 8-10 bars.

TLDR: Churn is stronk as hell if teammates capitalize on his hooks, and it’d be nice if he had hook indicators.


Hook Indicators hell yes!

Churn is very hard to use properly, which is why I don’t see him a lot.

But I also wonder if the hooks being unclear is actually intentional to significantly increase his skillcap. Wish a dev could comment on that.

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Yeah their needs to be better indicator for when players are hooked.