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I am so interested in the language that @SugarVenom came up with for Churnwalker. It just sounds so cool. Maybe you guys can help me decode what he’s saying?

The first instance we hear Martim say something in this Churn language is in the reveal trailer. There are no subtitles for this trailer so I just made my best assumption at the spelling based on how everything else has been spelled:

“Idu drovis ikre skeiv kekragas”

This spelling is just a stab in the dark, if any of y’all have better ears than me and can offer a suggestion to what he maybe said, I’ll change it. Judging that this was his introduction, I’m assuming he’s staying who he is.
Now I know not all languages are the same in conjugation terms, so he might be saying his name anywhere in this sentence. Another thing is, in this language, maybe there are no names but only descriptions of what they are. Martim could very well just be saying, “I am the one consumed by the Churn”.

Next instance and every instance following are all written out for us in their respective videos so we can just speculate on them.

“Ebbet ikro ido?”

Now this should be easy. Martim answered this question with his name, so it’s clearly stating “What['s] your name?”. Again, this may not be the correct order. He could very well be saying “your name what is?” or “name of you is what?”. But we do know for a fact it was asking for his name since Martim knew to respond with it. The next couple are a bit harder to decode.

“Ikro vli ve shavod”

Because Martim was being pulled out of the Churn and the video and lore states that “it insisted”, I’m going to assume the Churn was telling Martim to stay or not to leave. I like to think it translates directly to “you must stay here”. Now for Martim’s response:

“Oeda vli stishad!”

For this, I’m going to assume “vli” means both “I” and “you”. I came up with this because I’ve noticed from both the heroes that have experience with the Churn (Idris and now Churnwalker) they usually refer to the Churn as themselves as if the Churn doesn’t allow individuality. In one of Idris’s voice lines, he says “The Churn and I are one”. Then in the last Churnwalker video, he says “I am the Churn, and the Churn is mine”. For this line, I assume Martim’s response is “I shall return!” Or “return I shall!”. This is my assumption because as we say in the last video, Martim is corrupted by the Churn and wants to be consumed by it.

Now for the hardest one:

“Ikri idat, e voda vl’ebbut.”

Now the thing that stands out to me is not that the word “ikri/ikro” is used here again, or the apostrophe in the word “vl’ebbut”, but it’s the comma in the middle of the sentence. This comma denotes a pause and lets us know that this thing has a direct line of consciousness and isn’t just putting random words together.

I found this on a website explaining French contractions better than I can and why I think the “vl” from “vl’ebbut” is just a shortened version of “vli” meaning ”I" or “you”.

In French, contractions are required. Whenever a short word like je, me, te, le, la, or ne is followed by a word that begins with a vowel or H muet, the short word drops the final vowel, adds an apostrophe, and attaches itself to the following word. This is not optional, as it is in English - French contractions are required. Thus, you should never say “je aime” or “le ami” - it is always j’aime and l’ami. Contractions never occur in front of a consonant in French (except H muet).
That’s all I got so far guys. I’m stuck on the last one. There is a thought that maybe “ikri/ikro/ikre” is actually “I/you”, but I’ll let y’all talk about that.

Edit: Excoundrel has made a video on the topic, y’all should watch it if you’re interested!

Edit 10/03/2017: We got more text!

“…ide ikre kiovebraka”

Judging from context, I’m going to assume he’s saying “I am something worse”. The only new word here being “kiovebraka” I feel like it may be a noun although not a proper noun as it isn’t capitalized in the text.

edit: changing my thought on the definition of “ide ikre kiovebraka”. This line has to mean “they are correct”. It would make sense in context and has the perfect amount of words.

“…ikri v’ahskad f’ave”

I can say with almost 100% certainty say that he’s saying “it’s a monster they’ll get”. This pretty much confirms that “ikri” means “it/it is”. I have also come to the conclusion that words with the prefix “ikr” are pronouns and words with the prefix “id” are verbs.

mod edit: This link is also interesting:


So apparently, with the last lore piece, we find out that “All secrets are worth knowing,” translates into "Edu drovliz ikre skiv gekradaz,"
That is the quote that appeared in the teaser! :open_mouth:

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