Churnwalker ideas

Churnwalker getting buffed in this coming update which I am very happy about. Here are some of my ideas of how he can be changed to be more tanky and rewarded for lasting long. To begin with, his perk is absolutely fine, it’s an amazing perk for him to have although maybe (I don’t know if this should be part of his A or his perk so I’m just writing it now) it should become more clear to churnwalker players and his allies to see who is chained to him. This can maybe be shown by a green dot above chained players heads, much like Kruls weakness stacks.
Here’s the fun bit for me which I, for one will love to see coming at some point. His Hook and Chain ability can maybe be changed so it deals 1% of targets max health per second, but this damage will increase after a few seconds up to maybe 4-5% of their max health, and instead of his overdrive merely increasing the damage of this I bilieve that it should change this damage over time to true damage! I also believe that he should be able to throw his hooks much quicker while not increasing the speed the hooks move at. Basically I mean he should be able to throw the hooks like skaarf fires his spitfires and in other words it should be an instant cast instead of him briefly stopping like varya does when she uses her spear. This will allow him to use hit ultimate and more effectively hook all the enemies back up again!
For his Torment ability maybe it should give him a small amount of fortified health based on the number of enemies pulled, like 3% of his max health for each enemy and maybe this can be doubled against heroes, a bit like Varyas B ability while the overdrive can maybe increase this bonus up to 4% of his max health but increase the cooldown a bit to balance this. Lastly I believe his ult should be changed a small amount for massive effects and more tactical gameplay. I believe his ult should maybe deal something like 6 seconds worth of damage from the damage over time from his hook and chain. This will allow the churnwalker to either save the ult for massive damage when his chains reach maximum damage or quickly used for a stun against things like adagio, grace, or Catherine’s ults.
I was only writing this to see what others think of my ideas, if anyone can think of any improvements to this please say below, thank you for reading my ideas (even if you don’t agree with them) :).

The 1% damage on his A is true damage. Honestly, i would just like a range buff for his A: they increased the range of some carries, which now have more range than his A, so he cant chain them or maintain the chains.

Oh I had no idea it was true damage as it didn’t say so anywhere and usually true damage is shown in a whitish grey colour. I suppose the range buff would be a very nice. Also I forgot to mention in the post that I think that Gwens B shouldn’t remove his hooks off her it makes her such a pain to deal with. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of buffs.

The only thing he needs is a small range buff to keep up with longer range carries and a small decrease in CD when he completely misses an A.

Heck, I personally would take a decently longer CD when i hit an A, if that meant it was refreshed immediately if I missed

Well I’m not a game designer so I’m obviously not good at balancing lol. Hmm not a bad idea about that but I personally don’t have a hard time hitting the hooks. I mean they can use a slightly larger hit box maybe as sometimes it looks like it hits them but it just goes straight over their heads. But the range buff does seem like it’s needed. Thank you for your response :slight_smile: