Churnwalker + CP Vox (and other combos)

Right let’s talk about combos. I appreciate everyone playin to the meta and all that, but can we not have meta Combos? Two or more heroes that play together really well. Such as Churny and Vox. I feel this combo is underrated. Lemme explain.

Let’s start with CP Vox. Despite having some nice damage, for a long time Vox’s WP path was considered the better one. This was because most of his CP damage came from his resonance bounces, and that required enemies to be bunched up. And unless you’re playin into a full melee comp, that’s not exactly gonna happen often.

That’s where Churny comes in. What is Churnwalker for if not to pull enemies in towards one spot? If you can hook up 3 or more enemies, Pull them together, and let Vox do his thing, it wrecks havoc. Not to mention Chain damage, making the whole thing effectively a better Echo Chamber.

Here’s an example. Go to 0:58 for the perfect teamfight, featuring me on Churny. Sorry bout the bad quality.


I used to do that but with jungle CD Lance. So they can’t even escape lol.

I like the idea of combo-hero metas. I don’t play Vox (because I’m miserable at him) but I think paired with a reliable Churn, anyone could do some serious damage. The Churnwalker would really have to be on top of everything though.

The best combo i have seen that i’m glad hasn’t been pick up much is grump alpha comboing ults together it really is deadly one

How do you mean? Alpha ult then Grump, or Grump then Alpha? Wouldn’t Alpha’s damage be replaceable by any high damage ult, like Celeste’s or Kestrel’s? Both of them can kite from behind Grumpjaw’s shield as well.

Well activation is almost at the same time the tricky part is timing the spit to right when alpha detonates. It probably would but due to the time alpha’s ult takes most players when teamfighting will gtfotw.