Churn infected Naga a Lorelai skin (wish)

I would wish a very raw harsh looking skin for Lorelai.
The worst thing they could do is go little mermaid style with her which is too easy and too cheap.

Make her a metallic snake like Naga much like in the Idris Lore.

Make her scales like that but with a singular top body ofcourse.
She could have the most badass skin in the game!


You could also go with some deepsea anglerfish type visuals. Lots of nightmare fuel options!


I am not into dark themes perse.
However she is the sweetest looking Naga I have ever seen.

I am reminded of the Naga in WC3 the race of naga saved by Illidan. Not this fake mermaid look a like. I love her scaliness I love her kit though her fishpond zone should be significantly enlarged to match Skaarfs goop.

Her shape is great but the design is too lovely to sweet. She is an eternal being much like Adagio yet nothing about her emits strength or power much unlike Celeste or the stormqueen.

Here are two other Naga art pictures that show way more power.

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Now compare Lorelai to the other Naga. She is way more mermaid than Naga look wise. If her tail was split she would have been a mermaid. …

Yeah, those are neat designs… more “fishy” without being too dark or menacing. Before you edited to add the images, I was thinking you might like something like this, form Guillermo del Toro’s Shape of Water:

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Yeah I agree. Feminine shape does not equal little mermaid.

She can be an empowered mythical being looks wise instead of this frail fish/snake/human hybrid she is now.

Where does this show power? She is ancient like Adagio. He visits her every 1000 years…

I know what you’re saying, but I don’t mind that her design isn’t obviously aggressive and powerful. She reminds me of Celeste that way, where they have somewhat unassuming appearances, but control very deadly forces. Lorelai’s design matches her personality, as well, which I really like.


I somewhat agree on that point hence my skin suggestion since skins alter lore an character choices a lot. Churn infected Lorelai would be far more self aware of her own power and possibilities.

Grace is the perfect example of grace power and femininity without sexualizing the character unnecessarily.

On gwen sexuality is fitting because she uses charm guile and agility as weapons. Her alluring appearance is used to put the enemy on the wrong track.

Lorelais naiveness makes her child like. Her body looks more mermaid like than Naga. For an ancient being she is simply put too stupid… Carelessness and intelligence are different aspects. You could be carefree and well aware of your surroundings.

It took Lorelai thousands of years to understand she was played. I repeat thousands of years… She isn’t just Naive… She is plain unintelligent.

Therefore I hope her skin and the lore with it will show us another side of her. Much like Celeste gained maturity or at least self awareness with any of her skins.

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