Churn got his chain stuck in a dead body in midlane and it extends like hell


Happened to me once too in 3v3. It’s odd because it happened again in the next game.

Happened to me also once, 5vs5, it was removed after he teleported back to base (IIRC).

Ok this happened to me a while back. Chain stayed there all game, no matter what. But that’s not even the weirdest part: In the next game, the chain was still there. Even tho I wasn’t playing Churnwalker anymore. It just stretched across the map from my spawn point to the same spot. It didn’t even go away when I switched to 3v3, but just went from my spawn point to a point above the lane, over the sea you can see below. It only disappeared when I closed the app and reopened it.

Oooh, I saw that happen once! The enemy had a Churn, and that weird long chain happened during the match. It was still there in the next match also! Like you, I had to force-close the app and relaunch it to get it to go away.

It was a long while ago, so I forgot about it till now. I figured it’d been fixed long ago, as I’ve never seen it again.

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Yeah I only saw it that once too. I know other players have seen it too, but I hadn’t heard of it occuring to someone who wasn’t actually playing churny themselves. (also, I was playing with friends when it happened, and they couldn’t see the chain)