Chronia the Controller of Time and Space

-HP: 667-2020 (+123 per level).
-Energy: 200-420 (+20 per level).
-WP: 10
-Attack speed: 100%-129.7% (+2.7% per level).
-Armor and Shield: 20-50 (+2.8 per level).
-Attack range: 6.2m.
-Movement speed: 3.2m/s.
-Perk: Time Walker:
-Chronia’s cooldown speed is increased by 100% while moving but reduced by 50% while standing still.
-Her basic attacks are Hourglasses that deal 70-108 (+3.5 per level) (+75% CP) damage, reduce the cooldown of her abilities by 0.5s and allies’ cooldowns within a 5m radius around her by 1s +0.2% bonus HP
A: Chrono-acceleration:
-Chronia boosts the attack and movement speed of herself and ally heroes within a 8m radius around her.
-Cooldown: 18s/18s/18s/18s/16s.
-Energy cost: 40/50/60/70/80.
-Attack speed increase: 10%/15%/25%/35%/55%.
-Movement speed increase: 10%/15%/20%/25%/40%.
-Duration on self: 4s.
-Duration on allies: 2s + 0.2% bonus HP.
B: Time Bomb:
-Chronia throws out a time bomb that upon impact will teleport everybody within a 4m radius to the location they were 3s ago while changing their health.
-She and her allies will have their health increased to the point when they had the most amount of health within the last 3s while her enemies will have their health reduced to the point when they had the least amount of health.
-Cooldown: 24s/23s/22s/21s/20s.
-Energy cost: 80/100/120/140/160.
-Range: 8m.
C: A Wrinkle in Time:
-Chronia creates a 8m radius time anomaly zone at a chosen location, putting everybody in Time Stop for a period of time.
-Time Stop: Become invulnerable, stunned, all negative and positive effects are stopped.
-Cooldown: 75s/65s/55s.
-Energy cost: 100/150/200.
-Range: 10m.
-Duration: 2s/3s/5s + 0.1% bonus HP.

Wayyy to OP. I’ve been working on a Timeturner hero myself, and messing with cooldowns is the right idea, but not on the basic attacks. Think about it. Imagine playing as her, you could buy a TT or two (or, for something that would fit her kit more; AC + Shiversteel) for the attack speed. Then start autoattacking, and enemy abilities will never come off cooldown. Not to mention the fact that her A already increases her attack speed…

To her B, good ability, but considering she gets cooldown reduction from basic attacks, it needs a longer cooldown. Potentially the same for the ult, but that might be good enough as it is.

Finally back to the Perk… Two. Levels. At. A. Time? She could be level 6 by the time everyone else is level 3, and be maxed out by the time allies have their ult.

Seriously, The ideas are good, but you’ve gotta think about balance.


So I changed her perk and her B’s CD. Come and check.

Yeah. Much better. Really like it now, I can see her being a decent threat when combined with something like a Glaive to get his afterburn off cooldown more often, and also demand some stutterstep skill for her perk.

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Problem is while pairing with Glaive, you’ll have to be mindful of the actual time and position of the enemies to use skills like Time Bomb effectively. Also, her ult can completely shutdown possible Kraken steals.

As well as start them… Imagine locking down a whole team when they’re trying to take it, and finishing it yourself while they watch helplessly

Exactly what I was trying to create. This will make the enemy team tilt harder than the Titanic.

@Nivmett How do you think about this idea?

I think the concept is cool. Trying to code that though would be crazy difficult and we don’t have that kind of tech at the moment. (It would need to be created) I know LoL has Ekko which has a similar ability but being on PC gives them the ability to do that. Unfortunately mobile is a bit more limited. I do think the 1.5 cooldown per attack is a bit bonkers though. (As well as the ally reduction) This kit with 45% cooldown and solid attack speed would be able to use her A inifinitly very easily as well at the B skil. Better yet get yourself to 200% attack speed then tank up which mean each ally reduces their cooldowns by 3 seconds for everyone else’s 1 second. That might be a bit to crazy. I do like the acceleration cooldown depending if your moving or not. I think it would be cool if there was a benefit/ negative to both. Like a reason why you would want to leave your ability on cooldown.

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This is to punish non-kiter. I’ve seen a lot of non-kiters out there and wanna give them a hero that is very powerful but only when you know how to use her. Btw, as powerful as she is, I give her pretty low HP to balance that out. Anyway I’ll change some values according to you.

Thats true but you could just build tank items on her. Also lets say we pair her with Phinn? Or Lyra? As long as shes attacking super fast their skills will make her super tanky.

Well I tuned her down a bit up there. You can recheck them.