Chromebook Vainglory

Anyone else see this

I think this is an awesome idea in theory but could be a mistake to implement


That’s very exciting.

I believe that Vainglory would thrive on the Switch, also.

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I just wish they would work on librem 5 development so it is ready before my phone comes in

I’m all for it. More exposure is always good. more of these public talks.

Somebody go and video record it~!!!

edit: it’s already over… sheesh…

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Isn’t Vainglory already playable on the Chromebook?

Be right back gotta look into this. Haha


And I am back! With a link! :smiley:

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Yes and no the reason vainglory is able to be played is through the arc compatibility layer if you count thought than Linux users had vainglory the minute it hit Android appstore

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