Chest randomness

Ok first watch this video:

And then here is my experience.
So I bought the $99 double ICE deal twice, this to tell you guys that I have some ‘extra’ ICE to spend.

These chests are not RANDOM as they state!

Ok, so remember when Tea Party Petal came out? I opened the chests to see if I got it. And I spent around 10k ICE.
First I got Koshka skin, and then Krul skin, and Opals, and Glory and some sh * t, until I hit Koshka skin again, and then Krul and so on with the same f * cking order as the first round. Which started to get my attention. That is when I decided to spend 10k ICE opening these chest.
And heaven! the loop went back to the beginning of Koshka skin.

Now some of you might say that there is only 5% or 20% to get the skin or hero by doing this. That is fine to me. But trying to control what comes out of the chest so we can’t have anything else but what they want us to have during the update is messed up. I don’t want to keep receiving Koshka skin as I spend my ICE. At least give me something else.

The second time, I tried again when Winged Ozo came out, same shitty loop happened.
But I noticed that if you spend ICE on Mystery Epic chest, you will get the new hero and skins of that updates a lot faster.

So now I stop spending my ICE on those chests. I would rather buy it directly or open a Mystery Epic chest.


Yeah don’t buy the special deal chests. You’ll have much better luck and rewards buying from the good old chests that have been here for a while, instead of the special “deal” or patch chests.

I don’t buy RNG chests for this very reason. I’ve been saving everything I’ve received since the start of the last update, because I’m waiting for when I’m not as likely to get some ridiculous duplicate scenario as the one you faced. I’m sitting on 22 blueprint chests, 6 Epic keys, 30 Bronze keys, 6 Rare keys, and a handful of other currencies I don’t care for.

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For meme chests, just buy one and if you don’t snipe, don’t buy anymore

Man, that is a really expensive lesson for all. Thanks for sharing~!

I’ve always suspected that it wasn’t really “random”.

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and here i am pulling tea party petal, tea party grace and rainbow white skaarf within the first 2 pulls of each chest…

If it isn’t favoritism I’ll give you 50 opals (get it cause it’s useless anyway)

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Oh, I do have other skins and heroes quick some times too, but that is because you are lucky and fall in that 5% or 20% chances.
What I was trying to say is the other 95% and 80% were controlled, not random, and it gives you the same items again and again. So don’t hope to receive something out of those controlled loop.