Changes to crit

From before, there are not many occasions we will build crits. Now, because of 5v5, all crit item has its crit reduced. We have Lucky Strike got nerfed very hard, the crit damage went from 15% to 8%, literally half of the crit has been reduced. So is there any point building crit?

I know you all agree that the change to Monocle is not quite bad, we have damage compensate for crit, but… The fragments before getting the full item are not worth to get, and Monocle is quite expensive either.

Hm? It was almost always built on a majority of the WP heroes, laners in specific.

Really? For me rather than build crit, I prefer going for a Sorrowblade. Although it is a lot more expensive, it provides double the damage and worth than 10% crit damage crap.

Yeah, it was (and still kinda is) core on some heroes like SAW, Baron. Ringo, and Vox. It was a great item choice because it could provide a ton of extra damage for a fairly low cost, especially mid-game.

Kinda disagree about that. Saw is fairly better with Sorrow Blade + Serpent + Breaking Point than building Monocle/Tornado. Baron has been nerfed out of game right now. Ringo is now stick with Spellsword, or at least Sorrowblade, but not Monocle. Vox CP is too OP that hardly anyone want to try WP path

Double or even triple TM + SB (ofc) SAW completely melts enemies. Crit builds work extremely well on him because his extremely fast attack speed when fully spun up allows him to have a ton of chances to land crits.
Baron still works extremely well with crit due to his WP path focusing on slow, but extremely powerful, AAs, which TM can easily provide.
TM on Ringo works really well as a second T3 item after SSw/SB because it increases his harass potential and wave clear times greatly mid-game, as it makes his guaranteed crits much stronger.
While WP Vox really isn’t good atm, crit was great on him because his naturally good attack speed and AAs from his A allowed him to get a lot of hits out for more crit chances.

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I agree with it. People get deleted in split seconds. Damage is still a little too high.

Although buying the tier 1 and 2 crit items are less worthwhile, the tier 3 crit items do much better. For tyrant’s monocle, you do a lot more damage on non crits, and with the additional base damage, your crits actually hit harder now than before. As for tornado trigger, it allows you to have a much higher DPS with the higher attack speed.

The nerf to crit is actually not a nerf. The nerf was meant to be 5% crit dmg, but it was changed to 10% because 5% was too weak. With the 10% and additional WP/attack speed on Monocle and TT is actually a buff to crit, as those items do more damage per second than before.
The only nerf is to lucky strike and minions, foot, but that is all.

I can show you the calculations if you want but just take my word on it. Crit is stronger than before, so in reality you should be building it more.

Rip no thats not true at all. Only skrubs build SB SM BP on saw.
Baron is not nerfed out of the game either.
Ringo is completely crit + ssw.

Ok so, no one builds TT on SAW, but people do get TM
When going for 4 offensive items, the best build for SAW is
Rigo is SsW TM TM TT/BP/TM (can never have too many TMs)
Baron was always built crit, and is in a decent ish position now, tho I haven’t been seeing many.

the SAW part is correct. Ringo is still iffy bc of ssw nerf and B changes so no infinite B. Baron seems kinda weak now…
anywyas, SAW part is what im talking about. SAW bot doesn’t need the sustain of SM. He out trades the laner so hard, and a boe is enough to sustain him. Played correctly, you shove bot lane until you are miles ahead, and crit helps you both snowball and keep snowballing.