Changes i would like to see for patch 3.1

Here is a list of features that i would like see changed or introduced for update 3.1

  • In game party chat fixed, they've been broken for a couple months its about time they get fixed
  • A rework for the in game scoreboard, since they changed the ui they're so confusing and filled with unnecessary buttons so just revert them to how it was before, one click and you can see everything.
  • With 5v5 ranked coming next patch, i would like to see a drafting format that has more than 1 ban in it, i would say 3 bans would be ideal. Single ban draft killed 3v3 ranked it was always the same freaking drafts every game it was so brain dead and depressing i literally was restricted to a hero pool of 3 heroes and a multiple ban format would help bring some diversity
  • Bring back the ability to surrender when an allies afk
  • Bring back the play next button
  • Improve the reward system to give an incentive for veteran players to keep playing the game by first adding ranked rewards otherwise no one is gonna feel the need to rank and the game will die out very quickly. And the rewards need to be significant no the bullshit 500 glory 400 essence 5 opals type of reward, players should be rewarded with skins, blueprints, ice and big glory payouts and the rewards will of course get better the higher you climb. Players spend hours a day grinding the ranked ladder so they should be rewarded for their efforts because if they're not they will lose the motivation to play the game and eventually quit it. Second improve the levels chest, it takes hundreds of game to get to level 31 and you literally get the most garbage shit for reaching it and this is wrong on all levels. 3rd and finally, improve the end of season rewards because once again players dedicated hours a day for the game and you can't just not reward them properly for it. Last season you would get something like 400 glory 200 essence and 10 opals and a legendary card, these numbers need to be multiplied by 5 for the upcoming season. TLDR: Reward players who dedicate a lot of time playing the game so they have an incentive to keep doing it, its fine if the daily rewards are mediocre.
  • Balancing of some heroes that are extremely broken in 5v5 to keep the meta health so serious nerfs to Gwen Krul Samuel Catherine and Alpha. Also revert the tension bow buff it was unnecessary.
  • Fix the mini map glitch
  • Actives become way too small once you get 4 or 5 of them, 6 actives is basically impossible there is no way you won't press 2 at the same time so that needs to be fixed

That will be all, feel free to add yours.


Fix the moozafoggin map glitch. I just want end of season ranked skin payouts. Random blueprint for SA, unowned rare skin for poa and unowned epic skin for vgl.

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fix the fact that when i ping somewhere on the map, it sometimes goes to a different location.

also better rewards (for everything)


A new progression system.
Also, why Samuel? He is nice, funny, and has a blog! :frowning:
In all seriousness, idk why.

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Samuel is the best top and mid lane pick with his sustain and range its impossible to beat him in lane and he’s also a monster in team fights with his aoe and a potential 5 man sleep.

As for a new progression i don’t think its that much of priority but long term rewards are definitely a most and need to be bettered because its a big factor for keeping a game alive. So like said its fine if the daily chests and quests are somewhat mediocre but levels, ranked and end of season need to be significant.

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That makes sense, i didn’t know it because I haven’t played this update (hating the 5v5). Also, you can just gank him, no? He was designed as a lane bully hero.

Agreed with everything but Gwen nerf. The build that has become popular recently is an old build - no one said anything for months but now it is OP? Just gank

However, with balance changes released, you got your wish on all.

For months, lol, they have buffed Gwen time and time again, that’s why she is broken, it wasn’t like that months ago.

Fix the ranking issues where if you get stuck with trolls or jokes at playing soloq you won’t get bogged down to the point it gets impossible to climb back up