Change the soundtrack?

When the first time i played vainglory which i think around 2015/16, 5 v 5 hasnt been released yet. At that time i thought wait moba that doesnt have 5 v 5? What is this trash? But i played it anyway after i tried 3 v 3 it was completely fun i didnt expect that at all i played for 5 hour straight. Now that 5 v 5 was released i was like meh this sucks, the SOUNDTRACK of 5 v 5 seems like something peaceful u know theres no changing at all, for e.g when you beat blackclaw it seems stale theres no changing soundtrack. for me what they should add is an iconic vibe u know? The sound is, i think have a big impact on the game maybe i was wrong who knows?

AND comparing to the soundtrack of 3 v 3, i feel like 3 v 3 sound just better idk it feels weird thats why i have fun with it

What do u guys think? Feel free to critisize :wink:


I prefer the music in 3v3 also. The 5v5 music doesn’t seem to “fit” quite as well, to my ears.


The only music I notice is the home screen music and the first few notes of the match. I want some more epic music like SMITE, GIGANTIC, and Overwatch.

I totally agree with you @DXdofiMingo . Especially with the changing of music in a match depending on the events. Say at the start, a not-so up beat music becoming more and more upbeat till the end of game, maybe basing on how many turrets are lost or match time taken. I also love the idea of changing the music when ghostwing is defeated lasting how long the buff also last. Having the music change once kraken/black claw is unleashed is one thing I also would want in game, like one loud and intense battle music. Though the music changing when defeating bosses is not so new for me as I had experienced this on a loved mobile moba that’s gone now coughs HOC (sad). :frowning:

I’m not sure, though, if some of the things I mentioned above are already happening that I just didn’t notice, me being so focused with the match and not with the music. Haha! :smiley:

But yeah, nice that you opened this up! Hope SEMC will consider… hehe. :thumbs2:

I believe that VG actually did have a changing soundtrack depending on what’s happening, but it seems it got messed up or something because from my experience it seems to only play a single soundtrack or whatever it’s called now. I usually don’t even listen to the in-game music but when I do it gets real annoying constantly hearing the same damn thing over and over.

The 5v5 music was indeed supposed to change based on what was happening in game – I remember them talking about that when they unveiled 5v5 at that party thingy. But I’m not sure it has ever worked as they described it back then.

It does change based on action. But it’s a bit too sensitive.
In the early game it will be peaceful but then someone dies and it suddenly gets dramatic for 20 seconds and then goes back to being peaceful.

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Interesting … I’m not really sure I’ve ever noticed it changing. Lol.

Really? Didnt notice that. I ve stop playing 2 months ago iirc, so i didnt know what update they have done by now, well i was wrong about not changing the pace of the soundtrack ( my bad).

I am so shocked that several folks here have reported not hearing theme changes during 5v5 at all :open_mouth:

I’ve heard 4 different “phase” themes (the slashes mean that the theme is the same for both scenarios):

  • (Transition interlude FROM Midgame “peaceful” phase/Earlygame fight to) Earlygame “peaceful” phase
  • (Transition interlude FROM Earlygame “peaceful” phase TO) Midgame “peaceful” phase/Earlygame fight
  • Lategame “peaceful” phase/Midgame fight
  • Blackclaw captured phase/Lategame fight
    (- I also think the Lategame “peaceful” phase/Midgame fight theme plays WHILE either Ghostwing or Blackclaw are being attacked)
    I LOVE the transitions in 5v5 SO, SO, SO dang much, and imo it’s a huge improvement over 3v3 's soundtrack (yes 3v3 did have them too, most noticeable after Kraken capture). When 5v5 was still relatively new (before players got the “Founding 5v5 badges”) the soundtrack flowed so smoothly in that when earlygame fights happened that SICK transition played and then the Midgame “peaceful” theme played and after the fight the transition into the Earlygame “peaceful” phase played, causing things to die down and slow again as folks went back to farming… it was just so GREAT! UGH…

…but ever since the “Founding 5v5” badges were handed out and new portions were added for the Earlygame “peaceful” track so the Leitmotif heard in the Midgame “peaceful” phase/Midgame fight is there as well, the soundtrack as a whole seemed to glitch up. In fact, I’ve noticed that both the 3v3 and 5v5 soundtracks are glitchy now in that the Kraken phase/Lategame fight theme for 3v3 , and either the Midgame peaceful phase/Earlygame fight or Blackclaw phase/Lategame fight for 5v5 (it’s seemingly random, though in my experience the latter of the two plays much more often it’s ridiculous) plays SOOOOOOO early on, like as soon as 2 heroes engage in an early jungle invade for example… and then it stays for a while even after the fight’s ended :confused: If SEMC could fix it, I’d be so happy, and it’d make my matches feel more immersive again! But then again, I shouldn’t be demanding so much outta them, right?

Regardless, Joris de Man outdid himself doing the 3v3 and 5v5 soundtracks! Hats off to him!

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When I played 5v5 yesterday, I did notice the soundtrack change when we were fighting to capture Blackclaw. I guess maybe I was paying more attention after this discussion.

I thought he only did the 5v5 soundtrack?

Oh wow i was completely wrong by saying they didnt change the sound after defeating blackclaw im amazed u noticed this. Maybe im just bored playing vainglory. well anyway thanks for the info!

According to imdb it seems like he made the soundtrack for Vainglory back when it came out (note the year):

A thread from the old VG forums regarding an arrangement of Vainglory’s main theme also mentions him as the composer (ref. thread starter):

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