Champion Fate Samuel

                         New Skin Concept
                 Champion Fates Samuel (E)
    What if Reza and Lora was there for Samuel?
 What if Samuel didn't use the power of the nether?

What if Grace taught Samuel instead of Reim and Lyra?

             Details and Design changes

»Appearance- Similar to (PIC1) but he doesn’t have a hunchback or long hair. No sword either .-.

» Corrupted Genius (Perk)- The black and purple bolt is recolored into a white and gold scheme.

»Basic Attacks- Shoots light projectiles (white colored projectiles).

»Malice and Verdict (A)-

•Normal- The projectile is the color of a sun bleached yellow and has a glowing white hue surrounding it.

•Empowered- Same appearance as its normal form but gives off sparks when hit onto a foe and the projectile has a trail of white glowing particles.

»Drifting Dark (B)- Drifting Dark no longer gives of a black swirling appearance and is replaced to give off a thin layer of white mist and has golden spirals in the ability itself.

»Oblivion ©- Samuel throws a orb of light into the targeted area. Before the ult is fully completed, a picture of a Angel? a Valkyrie? Well, someone who had their hands crossed over their chest and when the orb drops, “IT” opens its hands and puts everything to sleep.

»Recall- Samuel points his wand toward the sky and a heavenly light shines down onto Samuel.

»Taunt- Samuel points his wand in front of him trying to cast a spell but its ends up exploding into his face


The current voice lines would be odd. Legendary at least I’d say.

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Voice lines for othet skins are odd too so this arguement is invalid.

Me like this skin and i’d probs instabuy it

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Fair enough. It just seems that with such a drastic change to his character (perfect parallel, actually) the edgy voice lines would seem off. But then again, who’s to say he wouldn’t have been edgy even as a “good guy”?

Because this skin kinda seems like batman vs superman XD