Celestial Shroud mechanics and interactions

Okey, I’m going to talk about the new item: Celestial Shroud.
We all know how it works, but as some people has discovered, certain abilities that doesn’t have damage but they have cc don’t trigger it while CS blocks their cc. This is the case for example of Lorelai’s B (thanks you @coltonJW)
But this is t the only interaction! After some testing, @VaKTaBi and me have discovered other interactions. What CS blocks without triggering:

  • Vox’s pulse (doesn’t prevent the resonances from bouncing to you though)
  • Reims passive. This means he can no longer active Boots AA +B to root, he first needs to hit the enemy with an ability, which is huge against ranged heroes. Credits to reddit.
  • Lorelai’s B
  • BF’s passive.
  • Lyra’s Passive
  • Atlas Pauldron
  • pulseweave
  • Shiversteel
  • Krul’s passive + SS’ passive.
  • all non hero cc (treants (3v3 and 5v5), dragons (5v5) and crystal sentries (3v3)).

Interesting observation: Magnus’ bounces count as ability damage.

Edit: Kensei with his epic talent is invulnerable: getting hit while invulnerable doesn’t trigger it, which means that with CS and his epic talent he can’t be CCed nor damaged. Basically he is unbeatable no matter what (@Orikson).

Edit 2: another interesting note. Koshka’s ult still damages you as she deals an initial hit of damage, which means that the strongest damage part that comes at the end will hit you.

Edit 3: Catherine’s A trigger it, Afterburn triggers it, Fortress’ A triggers it.

Edit 4: New interactions:

  • blocks Bomesaw
  • Fortress’ ult doesn’t trigger, which means that while the Wolfe’s still damages you (they deal weapon damage), it blocks the mortal wound (and the slow as it depends on the mortal wounds). This is huge
  • nullweave gauntlet is blocked too.
  • despite having bonus CP damage, ringo’s B doesn’t trigger it.
  • Tony’s A triggers it in the third hit.
    So far Tony, Fortress, Vox and Lorelai seem the most affected ones.
  • Rona’s B activates it
  • Ardan BfB actiaves it. Best roam anti CS?

Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but I moved this to be its own thread, since it’s a neat topic and good post that should probably stand on its own! :cheers_minioncandy_t2:


Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I should made a new thread for that :slight_smile:


Wait you mean shroud blocks for example Vox’s pulse without wasting the CD?

30 words!

So CP vox can’t do anything if everyone has celestial shroud active and there are no minions nearby?

Yes, other than his AA he can’t do anything unless he uses his ult.

Oh his ult isn’t blocked?
Doesn’t the first wave apply resonance(which should be blocked)
and the second damage the targets with resonance?

He needs to use his ult to trigger it first

First one also deals CP damage

You will block the resonance, but the ult has an initial hit, which will trigger CS.

Ah I thought it only damaged targets with resonance and bounced the damage.

Does this mean catherine can’t stun you unless she also Bs/ults? :eyes:

Catherine triggers it. Lance doesn’t (ult).

But didn’t patch notes state the cath A doesn’t trigger ability effects anymore?

Thats why I tested it :slight_smile:


Wait that just sounds broken lol.

I’m trying to maximize the item’s efficiency. I like assassins 4 offense 1 defense, so I was thinking about substituting celestial shroud for husk.

The only problem i’m facing is the lack of cd timer. I know i can’t control what ability will proc it, but if I knew how long the cd timer was before it appears, I could plan ganks and such better. (Yes, the bubble surrounds the hero when it’s ready)

Realistically it’s very hard to find that exact scenario where you can leave him useless, but I though it was interesting to consider.

IMO, for that situation just is in general better.