Celeste nerfed?

Why does Celeste feel so week now?

She is not nerfed nor weak. Needs more work to be good tho.

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I find it hard to break through multiple shields and hp even when I get Shatterglass, Brokenmyth and Dragon’s Eye.

she got nerfed in 3.3 which is 2 patches ago.

I found the link if you’re interested in reading about it.

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THANK YOU <3 I will read it for sure…

DE is not really that great… one missed star and you willl lose stacks + you need a lot of time to do more dmg vs SG and compensate for the weaker one in the start of the fight. I would go two SG or SG SF BM for dmg.

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Thanks. I’ll try it tomorrow morning. :smiley:

If your captain is good at peel and enemy not heavy dive comp, you can get away even with SG SF BM SG CW JB. Insane dmg, but glass cannon for sure. SG CW SF BM SH JB is one more reasonable build. Remember that VG is highly situational in builds too, depends on enemy, your team, how the game goes and so on.

Wait isn’t she top pick for mid lane rn?

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Because she got nerfed recent patch, and her core item, SpellFire, just got nerfed last patch.
She is still good with her Ultimate, but having less impact than usual.


Celeste isn’t bad at all, just depends on the support you get and how you build/play her
tbh she is my favorite and best long ranged hero and mid laner

Clearly you aren’t using her right. Celeste is a weapon hero. Try SB, BP, TT
Trust me

Celeste isn’t as good as she was, build as you need to and keep your distance. Hopefully you get a good support, it is a dice roll.

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