Catherine & Grace Combo

So played vs this monstrosity twice today, WP Grace does so much DMG and the comp has endless CC they can virtually perma stun you late game. Anyone faced this? I’m really wanting to try it in rank.


Lance>Catherine any day. Grace+Glaive Lance+Glaive…

Anything but cath, i so hate her in 5v5

How would wp Joule+CP bepis+mid celeste+echo cath+tanky wp Glaive work?


This is 3v3 they’re late game CC ability is crazy. If you try to engage you’ll be stunned to death… these guys threw in a Skye who has some nice slows with her ult and huge DMG. If Catherine stunned you you’re dead, Grace A, follows by a B then a Skye parade on your arse.


I hope WP Grace will get a nerf

well, if you say that because the Caths in your group have been so bad playing, excuse me, but I use Cath almost every match in 5v5 and she’s perfect as she is in 3v3.
You just have bad luck with Catherines.

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Nope. She was nerfed way too hard repeatedly…

She lacks waveclear capability to lane well.

Her stun is short and single target while requiring melee contact. Her bubble gets popped easily she is meh…

She is a bad captain and a bad laner.

Dude. Vainsocial tells me you played 1 (one) 5vs5 match with Catherine, and ~25 matches total over the course of 12 months. Perhaps 8 of those matches took place during the latest patch (but in 3vs3).

I’m sorry to say, from the perspective of someone with >200 matches total logged over the same time, with a 60% overall win-rate, you are just not qualified to comment. 8 of those were 5vs5, 75% win-rate, the losses down to hard-core trolling.

Saying she is not viable because you can not make her work / she does not suit your playstyle / you have better options available based on personal preference is just a poor form of argumentation.
And while you are correct in that the nerf to her stun was not necessary, and she is in a weaker spot than she should be due to it, that does not mean she is unplayable. In fact, she’s still fun.


Da wae to play Cath rn is to go CD Cath lol

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The api sites are wrong lol…

I’ll respect your opinion.

but it’s totally wrong.

We can all agree WP Grace is op tho. She’s insane rn. Cath could use a few small buffs to compensate for her weak stun, but she can still be viable. Too bad Grace stole Cath’s spot as ultimate Waifu No not u Gwen go away

I really liked your explanation. Especially, Skye parading the Ass

I agree WP Grace is stupidly OP

I find Catherine can be a pain to deal with in 5v5. I think the Cath, Celeste, Joule comp is really viable again. Cath can roam between mid and top setting up chain stuns for those two early game. With fountain no longer needing to be rushed, she can focus on cooldown early. She still has a team-wide silence which can turn late game fights. With 5v5 going longer, she can stack her perk.