Catherine Goes Pow!

I was going to go my usual WP Flicker jungler and destroy in Casual. I then suddenly decided I would go Catherine and blast some sorry folks with some CP flavor. Hooray for the Dragon Master!

What’s your WP Flicker build

I’m a noob that enjoys going CP

Very cool KDA. I have also seen wp catherine in casual perform really well. I played once wp catherine and went against cp adagio who tried to tank the damage. My bp stacks anhilahated him and when he activated ult i just stunned him :blush:.
What do you think of wp cath - is it troll build?

It’s fine for casual, and even fun, but you’re losing out on damage potential

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To some extent. It works sometimes in casual because people (1) don’t expect it and (2) rarely seem to counter build. But @Moose is right, you’ve giving up a lot of damage by going WP over CP.

I prefer CP simply because I feel her A and C scale quite well. Throwing and SF on her makes her B lethal as well. Also, her B with some CP is incredible wave clear. That said, I do like WP Catherine as well for two reasons: 1) she has a pretty fast attack speed on her own. Throw in a little stutter-stepping, and I see no need for attack speed items. A tension bow, spellsword, and a SB should do. You can then throw on journey boots and finish with a pulseweave and another D item. I like Aegis. With Catherine’s perk, you really get all the armor and shield you need and the PW and Aegis give a nice added HP for some tankiness.

Oh I love it! Stormcrown, War Treatds, SB, TB, Shiver, Pulsewave. The SC TB combo coming out of the brush or ult, and adding his B on top of it… it just demoralizes the enemy carry. Huge burst, and then nwhere to run as you shred them.

EDIT: I have won several ranked games (VG Bronze) with WP Flicker Jungle.

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I once played as a roam against wp Catherine , I thought the guy going roam but he actually went wp , so the enemy was triple carry , that time we didn’t have chat so I couldn’t tell my team to stop attacking Catherine while she has her bubble , her bubble killed us , I have no idea how both of my teammates made it to the top tiers without knowing attacking Catherine with crit and burst damage while she is using the bubble going to kill us , man they were low health chasing her while she was low health and she used bubble and killed both of them .

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No FB on Cath? I find it hilarious on her, the bounce damage from her B slows enemies.

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As a Cath main I am ashamed to say i didnt know that her bubbles bounce damage can apply a frostburn slow… Guess im going to have to give it a shot, it sounds pretty fun.
Usually as a cath i just build :vgitem_clockwork: and :vgitem_aftershock: then the rest defense, since with those two items i have a good stun potential and damage and now im tanky enough to not die.

Same. If the game ever goes on long enough, my last item will be frostburn instead of AS. I usually go :vgitem_fountainofrenewal: - :vgitem_wartreads: - :vgitem_crucible:/:vgitem_rooksdecree: - :vgitem_clockwork: - :vgitem_crucible:/:vgitem_rooksdecree: - :vgitem_aftershock:, but now I’ll throw down a :vgitem_frostburn:! I’ve used it in Blitz and Rumble enough to experiment, the slow when the B refelcts is awesome.

I didn’t realize that either, and I played her all the time in regular (3v3) matches. I’m going to have to give it a try if I ever play another 3v3 match.

Funny because the first time I’ve tried and started loving Catherine then finally tried her CP path, I’ve thought of using FB for the slow. I was choosing amongst the CP items and decided to get FB. I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I thought of this?! This must have been an obvious technique of other players - esp pros.” Only to realize now from the above comments, some just found it out here. :smiley:

I hope I haven’t lied to you all now - I’m pretty sure it does. It definitely used to, but they changed Frostburn up a bit a while ago, and I’m pretty sure it still works, but come to think of it, I haven’t used her recently so I might be wrong.

Update: It does work, I checked. also I had forgotten how much fun Cath is

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