Catherine Flex


My first hero mastery. I had enough of the poor quality of play and told myself, “Cath 'til you get VG.” I then won 4 straight and have climbed back to VG. 2 were as cap and two were as CP top lane. That’s right. Top lane and I loved it. I’m also progressing well with skins and talents. Not bad for my 3rd season. Below are my screenshots of current talent levels (her epic is actually really good when going full support, but rare is too fun), mastery, skins, and an example of a top CP game I played a few days ago.



Seeing CP catherine makes me want to use it. I remember they nerfed her CP path indirectly with the A change so I stopped playing her that way.

Its nice to see it still works for some people :ok_hand:


I mean, there’s no doubt that captain Catherine is best. There is some viability to her CP path. It scales well with her ult. It’s nice to give a little more damage with her B. The big thing is that as you build a less tankier path, you take more damage, so you reflect more with that B active. When your dueling your opposing laner, it puts them in a bind. Do they just run as you pursue them with B active (Cath is deceptively fast and is good at pursuing, so it’s not as easy as it sounds) Or do they fight back and reflect damage back on themselves? Her B also becomes a decent wave clear with it.

Try it out!


Incorrect. The bubble reflects any damage taken that’s higher than 7.5% of your base maximum health. This means, armor/shield mitigation is completely irrelevant.


But doesn’t the damage you take change based on your opponents WP, CP, and your armor, shield? Therefore, wouldn’t you take 7.5% of your max hp in damage far easier and faster by having less armor and shield?


No, it reflects ALL damage that exceeds 7.5% of your base max hp as damage. Say you have 1000 health. 7.5% of that would be 75. If an enemy does 100 damage, then you’ll reflect 25 damage back.

It doesn’t factor in armor and shield in it’s calculation because the stormguard mitigates damage. That 25 damage in the previous example is NEVER taken by you, it’s reflected back.


Armor/shield only affects the 7.5% of base damage that gets through. The same attack from one hero inflicts equal damage to any hero that takes the attack. What is different between each hero is how many health points they lose.


I understand that and the math. I wasn’t aware that your armor/shield, which impacts the amount of damage you take, wouldn’t therefore have a subsequent effect on this ability. For example, if Catherine has her perk at 15 and she has fountain which grants her an additional 40 armor and shield, wouldn’t her 55 armor and shield mean that she won’t take the 100 damage. She’d take, for argument’s sake, say 80 damage. Now she’d only reflect back 5, right?