Casual MM should have been the April Fools joke


Exactly. It should be more laxed than ranked, but needs some kind of control over who gets matched with who. 5v5 casual is nigh u playable because of the lack of team balance


Not only casuals the matchmaker in ranked is also a joke has been for a good year


Well compared to Mobile Legends, casual matchmaker actually tends to pair you up with players within your rank, so casual is actually a good place to learn new heroes. I’m currently Epic, and I get matched with players that are Grandmaster and Epic (GM is the rank below Epic btw).


When you manage to start a game… que time, declines (most likely because people fall asleep while waiting for match found), dodges and most of t he time at the end so 5 minute draft time is wasted on top of all the other time wasted. For example yesterday I needed 25 minute between matches to start a game while I actively tried to do so, this lasted all 3 games I played + the last one for solid game session end, I had a troll.

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