Casual Matchmaking

“It’s not your teammates, if you want to win, then you have to be good yourself”
Nah… Nah, it’s the teammates

lol ok

So, a couple things. One, if you’re going to post a screenshot to blame your teammates, you need to block out their names. We don’t allow player-shaming.

Two, looks like your team comp isn’t very well balanced. I’m not seeing a roamer, or a ranged carry… You’re as much to blame for that too, you know. Other than that, you’re playing as a late-game monster, against an early-game snowball comp. You made it to the 24th minute though, so there’s probably something you could’ve done to make this game a little closer. If you want some tips, you should post the builds, and see if anyone has advice for you.

And again, block out the names, please! :vgcheersx2:

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The team comp doesn’t matter. Would there be anything different if I played a support, or if the Glaive didn’t instalock and played a ranged carry? No, he would still try to 1v3,just like Koshka, which was the downfall. I had a Sorrowblade, Breaking Point, Bonesaw and Atlas Pauldron to counter SAW, but also Aegis against Koshka. Also, Kensei is naturally good against Lance, didn’t build anything against him. Glaive had the trashy recommended TB build, which I don’t understand to this day after maining Glaive for 2 years. So, Koshka and Glaive were in the jungle whilst I had to fight off Lance and SAW on the lane. I couldn’t have done any better, it just wasn’t possible, I blame matchmaking.

You win some, you lose some. Even if winning was near impossible, did you see any opportunities for self-improvement? Could you have done better with vision to maybe sneak a Kraken? Or did you ever get stunned up by a Koshka ult that if you blocked it might’ve made the difference? Could the Glaive have won some 1v3s if you’d stayed closer and made it a 2v3?

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No to all of those questions. I’d lie if I said I didn’t want to surrender, I did, but they refused for some reason. I tried to snipe Kraken, but the saw was a little too intimidating alongside Koshka for snowballing early game. I think Glaive was weird. His tactics were off, and it just semt like he ran in without further thought. In a split of a second he had lost half of his HP,which isn’t a good indicator for a 2v3. I don’t remember any of my teammates building defense, although I recommended them atlas Pauldron. I suck at reflex blocking though, so you have a point there

I don’t know man. I just think posts that are all about blaming matchmaker, or teammates, or whatever else, are just boring. I know it sucks to pick up an L, especially when it’s not your fault, but the game’s a lot more fun when you drop the blame game, and focus on your own performance, and enjoy the process of getting better.

One thing you might think about is how to predict your teammates’ actions and rotations. If you’re late by a few seconds, it’ll be too late to help out in a 1v3, but if you predict when they’ll be headed into harm (like rotating down to jungle shop or something), you can be there in time to turn the tide. Try working on that skill, maybe?

Wait, rotations? One of my teammate was a guest, the other didnt play for more than one day… I guess you have a point, but I don’t think my teammates knew what rotations are lol. I agree that it’s better to just drop it, but a casual game should have some sort of matchmaking, don’t you agree? Not all people are Rankaholics, I barely play rank too

I mean rotations literally. People tend to follow patterns of movement, even when they’re new to the game. So it can be helpful to observe what your teammates are doing, try to predict where they’ll go next, and go there too to help them out.

Casual does have an MMR, but it’s looser than ranked, so there will be a wider range of skill represented in each individual game. The enemy team all has very similar stats though… and actually, looking at vgpro, your account has a really low number of games too. Is this your main account? Were the EU API stats reset recently?

Nope, not my main account. Pretty sure vgpro only recognises games from the past 30 days, so my main won’t show much either

:vg_: :vg_: :vg_: :vg_:

If this isn’t your main account, and you’ve only played 14 matches in the last 30 days, why in the bloody hell are you complaining about matchmaking?

Julia give me strength


It’s strange. Why are the enemies so strong and my team so weak :vg_:

Literally the match after the broken one. I used my B on Krul which was in a brush 5 meters ahead of his team. Behind me was CP Ringo. I then stunned every enemy with my ultimate, took out enemy skaarf and Ringo, then headed for the vain crystal. Krul was chasing me so I killed him too. Triple kill, ace.

Edit : Just to show how broken the matchmaking is :confused:

I don’t really care, dude. For one, even pros have games against other pros where they dominate one match, and get rolled the next. That’s not new or unique or a sign of a problem. Two, matchmaking is already looser in casual, because it’s casual. It’s not meant to be tightly matched and competitive. Third, this is your alt account that you don’t use regularly. Any screenshot you post literally says nothing to me because you shouldn’t be in those games anyway. You’ve got no right to complain about lesser skilled players not meeting your standards because they’re literally not in your skill tier. Go play on your main.