Cast Shadows in the Yates Spotlight

Yates Spotlight

Looks like Vainglory is finally getting cast shadows :grin:


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yeah, i think shadows are cool. lets keep this ontopic guys

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I believe cast shadows is for the PC version only.

Cast shadows was also seen in the teaser videos before the spotlight and many comments about how it’s only on the PC.

Maybe also for high end CP devices …

How high end? The Razer gaming phone?

Even a Dev answered that the videos are made using the PC version.

But yeah, I would think the Razer gaming phone would be able to handle it… I just haven’t seen video of it. YET.

The razer phone is with just sd835, even thexpoco f1 has a newer SOC (845). Most likely the new A12 from apple could handle that with no problems, same as sd855. Also the shadows don’t use that much power overall, it could pretty much run good on 835, 845 and a11. Not the new exynos 9810 - that’s trash SOC, samsung failed this year with it.

Edit: also for me the fow and shadows should be separate options in the gfx settings.