Carlo Arellano has left SEMC

I’d suspected this was the case, but in poking around on LinkedIn this morning, I discovered that Carlo Arellano (aka Chainsaw) left SEMC in January. He was the company’s art director and was responsible for the overall look of the game as well as for the visual design of numerous heroes. Here’s a screenshot of the relevant info:


Here’s a link to Carlo’s portfolio on ArtStation:


This makes me feel really sad… Another emblematic developer that leaves SEMC :sad: :cry:


Hmmm why am I not surprised


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btw, I tried to find “team” page in and it’s removed… or I am looking in the wrong place?

As for that - when we talked about “founders” of the game leaving it, this is what I meant - a lot of important devs that had a big part of the original vainglory in all directions… art, lore, gameplay, sound, visuals, heroes, etc.

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Thanks, was looking for exactly that one.

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I think last time we Checked Emma was the only dev with the word art in her description , so we already know chainsaw is somehow with them and not with them , so I wasn’t surprised that he went for other options instead of being not really there .

But doer still in the list I actually Thought he left .

Mushk Rizvi is apparently now with them full time, even though she’s not on that team page. (The page is very incomplete, it’s clear.) She seems to be doing at least some art direction for some of the freelancers.

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Actually a lot of really talented people there, I fear the reason the game is in this direction is not by their choice or skill cap tbh (even the founders). I feel it’s more on the investors decisions… and the 1000 platforms thing surely doesn’t help with the time to fix bugs, improve the engine, work on the gfx effects, sound, create content different than HATS and so on.

The code is a mess (maybe because it was a startup that they didn’t know will turn out good and the foundation was not accompanied by the proper comments? Dunno.), but with the work they have in their hands it’s hard to put the massive amount of work to revisit everything.

Nope. That’s not how VC funding works, as I’ve explained in the past.


I think the investors got nothing to do with game founders decisions , but it could be indirect as the game not doing well so they changing everything , no lore , and different artists.

To be honest I heard that investors prefer small company team , they don’t like too much employees , that’s why some big gaming companies decrease their staff team members , is semc doing that to attract investors , maybe !

3000 people working on the same game is hurting most of the projects, not helping them. Some of the greatest games of all times were from small teams… blizzard, id, etc - small team back in the days. Sooo…

Interestingly, the company he’s working for now is the same company that developed Game of War: Fire Age and published Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire



Not bad at all. :slight_smile: