Captain impact

Remember the time when 5v5 just came out and I was complaining about the impact of captains…

Well 5v5 is an entirely different mode and it took some adjusting mostly.

I am once again proud to say that I love playing captain. You are the hardest to take down in a world of squishy allies and enemies.

Builds changed metas change but all in all I love 5v5.

Just hit SA Gold (not showing in my picture though.
5v5 rank results


Good job!

Want to share some tips? What items are you typically rushing, what comps are you looking for, and what strategies are you typically using?


I like opening with crystal bit and flare gun on any captain with CP ratios.

Not sure if SGB is worth building on anyone atm.

I get the two vison items for the hp and cd.
Then I work towards fountain and a crystal item. Depending on whom I am using.

Armour is something I never buy because it doesn’t offer scaling of any kind. Hp helps you survive too and usually improves your utility skills on top of that.

Enemy team needs to have succesful WP carries who are proving difficult for me before I consider armour.

Stack cd and hp with a splash of crystal for damage.


And your rotations? Are you starting around mid-lane, or rotating with the jungler, or shadowing your weakest early-game teammate, or…?

Do you bother with shield? Where do you personally start in game? How do you decide on rotations

Shield you get through fountain. I start in midlane but check where a teamfight can occur in our favour. I look for enemy pressure and join the ally who needs me most.

The flares help connecting to enemies providing safety and camera sniping. The hp helps scale your skills.

If the pressure is gone from a potential teamfight you can tank the crystal treant and rotate in jungle otherwise stay in lane.

Just lost a perfectly winnable game because of allies surrendering diminishing my winrate.

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Not sure why you’d go for a crystal item on anyone except grace. And a crystal bit lvl 1 isn’t going to give you a better early game than a weapon blade on any captain, even ones with a cp ratio.

Get 2 Crystal Bits on Lyra and keep on harassing the mid laner, you can thank me later

Adagio Lorelai Grace Lyra all have CP damage.
Grace gets bonus damage mitigation Adagio gets better healing over time and then there are the damage ratios on all of their skills which a wp blade does not improve.

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Not to mention most builds you will need a couple cb to complete a build anyways

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What colton meant is even if they have CP ratios (which doesn’t make much sense anyway because almost all heroes have some CP ratios) a WB would be much stronger early game than a single or double bits. Especially on Grace but same for Adagio, Lyra has 10 base WP so probably not the case for her.

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Grace has a 200% CP ratio on her B and passive damage mitigation as well as active damage mitigation on her A besides the damage ratio.

For early early game a WP blade would be better your first hits would hit harder etc. But you either have to build into tb or sell the wp blade to get crystal.

I personally hate temporary items and want to work towards my chosen items asap. The wp blade would delay my item unless I am a carry or a jungler and can farm up.

Proc Grace is strong too with tb+As but I prefer crystal now that SC is dead.

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I wonder if anyone ever buys crystal on Lance.

I used to build Frostburn on Lance. It helps tank damage and makes your entire kit a CC train because your A will slow. Hower they then nerfed FB from 100 to 85 cp… When you overdrive B and C they do rather decent crystal damage and his stun scales with CP too.

Full captain with AS FB is pretty funny. Though I’d imagine CW DE being stronger.

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Lol cp lance is very very situational yu need some damage imo with the increased stuns an damage mitigation.

A good CP ratio on B isn’t gonna do anything early game, especially with only 1 or 2 bits. If you are going anything except for roam items WBs are the way to go as they win you the early game. Yes she has SG in her build most of the time but you would need to sell those bits at some point for inventory space most of the time so they are in a way “temporary” as well except they don’t give you any early game advantage.

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I would never ever sell those bits… I’d upgrade to heavy prism. Which would boost my barriers midgame and my healing and dmg mitigation lategame.

Yeah I got that already but what I’m saying is it’s not good early game. It’s also not very slot efficient and its slowing down your other purchases.

I saw a Lance who took a CP Joule ult and CP SAW’s B at the same time, and shook it off like it was nothing. Checked the scoreboard and realised that he reached the CP ratio cap for damage mitigation. Looked pretty badass imo.

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It is why I myself build 1 bit and a flare gun.