Captain celeste build, auto attack celeste build

hi all!(:smile:

i have spent years mastering celeste and she is my main. now, these builds may not be viable in competitive play, but if you can master her and use her shortcomings to your advantage, they work amazingly.

her captain build :

frostburn : slow incoming enemies and peel for allies.
fountain of renewal : obvious reasons
war treads : works in tandem with frostburn
clockwork : overdrive core collapse for a sweet aoe stun as well as significantly decreased cooldown
metal jacket : defense against more mobile heroes
last item is situational. i usually use aftershock/ crucible/ echo (two stuns)/ storm crown.

remember, celeste still fragile so do not get too close but also don’t be afraid to lead the way with war treads or slow enemies from afar and initiate. core collapse is not a good initiation and it’s very different from other stuns in the game as it is very defensive in nature as opposed to other more initiative stuns. core collapse has a decent lasting stun on overdrive so always max that second. use solar storm to slow enemies from across the map when they are pursuing allies. remember to stay close to allies but also don’t be too close to enemies as you are still relatively fragile!

her auto-attack build :

aftershock : amazing dps booster and also allows you to heal in battles and you’ll need to in order to survive battles
alternating current : every two auto attacks is 120 % of your crystal power. very critical to this build and works divinely with her perk (75 % crystal ratio per auto attack)
journey boots : also critical to get in and out as well as pursue because you’ll be at close range and need to avoid being kited
aegis : critical to avoid crowd control and defense against kiting
metal jacket : also important because you’ll be in close range
last item is situational but i usually go with broken myth to counter enemy defense.

i would build aftershock first as it is essential in sustain as well as energy regeneration because with this build your celeste will have somewhat of an energy problem so use your skills conservatively. but, use heliogensis in battle to trigger aftershock as much as possible. it is crucial for dps and life steal. this is absolutely essential to making this build work. celeste has the closest range of all ranged heroes so if you’re not careful you will be poked to death.

if you guys like, i can make this into a guide. these builds (especially the auto attack celeste) are more viable than you might think. trust me i’ve had a lot of practise with these builds. it’s not the best for competitive play, but it does totally add many more dimensions to her playstyle and can turn her weaknesses into strengths. they’re also really fun! feel free to ask any questions! trust me, as i’m sure developers know, celeste is much more flexible than you guys think!

happy celesting! :tada::milky_way::star2::full_moon::beers:



I dont really know what to say here. I will give it a try in casual but please for god sake dont do this ranked.

I’m also a celeste main but I’m a bit sckeptical about this


i’ve used celeste for years, dude. trust me if you know what you’re doing, these work really well with her. i’m almost certain they made her auto attacks so close range because the auto attack build would definitely be OP considering how well her crystal power scales with her autos. just give it a try. and again, you need to know what you’re doing!

i’ve done auto attack celeste build in ranked and it can work but positioning is key (as is always with celeste). and being a celeste main also means exploring new ways to play her as opposed to always going with the old predictable builds people use with her. be creative!

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I could see how her captain build would work well in the right hands - with my argument being that your “captain build” is more or less derivative of every default/quintessential captain build. Without a very wide range of items to work with to play as a pure utilitarian roam, sticking to the core defense/health/utility is kind of… Obvious? I wouldn’t go as far to put an Echo on Celeste just for an extra stun.

As for her auto attack build, I don’t really know what to say. In theory I could see how it would work, but it being functional isn’t equal to it being viable.

They sound like fun builds to play around with but I don’t know if I’d ever use either of them in serious matchmaking!

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well, obviously we only have so many items in the game to work with. what you’re not understanding is that the build isn’t what makes it work, it’s how you use it. and i didn’t say you have to use echo, as i stated it’s optional and situational. if echo works, cool, if not, cool. find another item. that’s why i said i could make it into a guide because the gameplay is more important than the actual build as well as using her weaknesses as strengths.

sure it’s “obvious”, but that’s not my fault. we only have so many items. which is why i highly stress the gameplay. using her stars as wards, as well as a very spammable slow on a low cooldown, core collapse defensively to peel, solar storm to slow and peel across the map, and knowing where to be at what times.

it’s actually pretty viable if you’re good with skill shots.

I’m glad you caveated this with not doing it in rank, this would set of my tiltometer big time.

i thought that was pretty obvious? i started it in casual and worked on it for months before taking it to ranked and trust me it works well

As for your roam suggestion… why would you overdrive her B second? It your main ability surely, you want the stun up as often as possible to peel for your team. Her A second whilst they’re be little point overdoing her ult since it provides no utlity.

If your doing this in ranked expect me to down vote you. Then again I doubt your doing this in higher tiers because AC on Celeste is (No disrespect) a complete and utter waste. 120% every two basic attacks is never out trading her A going supernova with a SG.

You’re kidding, right? Did you not read my reply, at all?

Honestly you come off as if you’re not prepared for the critique or criticism that’ll follow posting a build guide. Every person who’s given you their thoughts on this build in this thread you’ve gone straight to the defensive. It’s a discussion board, we’re meant to have discussions.

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Exactly why the auto attack build seems kinda…bad?

You’ll be going in almost melee range against something like grumpjaw or Glaive or baptiste and in 5v5 teamfights you won’t be dealing damage from the backline like you’re supposed to, so you’ll have to invest heavily into defense to survive for more than 5 seconds, and by doing that you sacrifice a lot of your damage, since you only have AS and AC


mainly because one : almost everyone is saying “it’s not viable, this and that” when i already made it a point several times to say, yeah, i know it’s not the most viable build, but is it out of question? with the amount of time i’ve spent trying to cultivate this, no. trust me guys i’m not trying to be defensive, it’s just the same point keeps getting brought up when i’ve already said, just be creative and open-minded and try it!

funny cause the same people criticising are the same people who never even tried it. :joy::roll_eyes:

can someone run this build and then come back and criticise? you’re all only speaking hypothetically yet my argument isn’t hypothetical. i’ve done this many, many times with some success and some loss, but that’s what you get with off-meta builds.

i’d appreciate it if someone actually played a game with the build (hell you can even PM me and i’ll tell you the build order) as opposed to not even trying it and immediately saying “id downvote you, blah blah blah” and just crapping on me and being negative about it when all i’m doing is trying to contribute to the community
and make celeste more fun and less predictable🙄 i’m seriously just trying to contribute to the community. just because you only know one way to play a hero doesn’t mean other people don’t know what they’re talking about trying to make a hero more versatile, especially in vainglory when versatility is one of the best things about its heroes.

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Any build is viable under the right hands it is when the wrong hands (most everyone) gets ahold of it that you see that unless the right person plays it becomes garbage

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Lengthy reply.

You don’t know that.

This forum is kind of built on the foundation of both very hardcore and knowledgeable Vainglory players - while you make off assuming that “nobody” has tried this build, there are two things you should consider:

  • There is a chance that there’s been a build strikingly similar, if not identical to what you’ve posted, at some point that has been used by any of the users, whether it was shared or not.

  • Their knowledge of Vainglory is enough that, without having to build it, will know how it works.

While I completely support your post in an effort to present us build ideas, and respect your insights for what your build presents, the replies/critiques/criticisms are not without merit. By no means should you be discouraged by users criticising your build, but to shoot us down in response doesn’t make for a very enjoyable conversation. To also be so upset with the response doesn’t help yourself.

Look at how you’re wording your post. You are acting like none of us have played Vainglory for that long. It’s actually rather uncouth.

I’m not going to continue with this conversation any longer. I look forward to seeing more builds in the future and I hope when you present them, you’re more welcome to criticism.

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you’re putting words in my post. i never said “no one”, i said the people criticising it. i didn’t say no one played vainglory nor did i imply it, i’m just saying you don’t have enough experience with this particular build to be immediately just saying it’s “not viable”. and once again, i know its not that viable, can we move past this theoretical speak and get on to results? and AGAIN, i said “some success, some loss” and you can think of so many situations against x hero that counters x build, but what about the situations in which the build works? i blindly went into this off-meta celeste not knowing how to exactly pull it off and not seeing this build anywhere on the forums trying it again and again so that i could eventually post it on the forums and offer a fun, new, and interesting way to play my favourite hero because i wanted to make a contribution to a community i love and then went out of my to make this post and actually have success with a build i’m surprised celeste mains never even thought of. don’t i deserve a little more credit? i’m responding to the criticism with criticism because again, i’ve done this build a plethora of times and have had surprisingly successful results, for the most part.

and judging by the way most of these responses are (even blatantly saying i’d downvote you), most of the people in this particular thread have never tried it. again, you’re putting words in my post and over generalising when i’m strictly speaking of this thread, not the entire vainglory community.

sad to see you leave the thread but you’re really not offering anything bedsides being close-minded and painting me to look like the bad guy when all i want is someone to actually do the build and then come back and talk good or bad about it :unamused: am i wrong to ask for that? cause i went out of my way to try this build so many times in so many different situations with several different build paths with years of experience with celeste only to be told you “already know without trying” and it’s pretty laughable tbh to criticise something without even trying it :grin:

hopefully i see you around and i hope when “you present” your criticism next time you’re more open to actually playing the game with the build as opposed to being pompous and pretentious acting as if you “already know” what works and what doesn’t.

bye bye :v::grin:

do you know of any other items that would be good for her to be a decent close-range mage?

I hate to break my word on leaving this conversation, but you’ve graced me with a gratuitous, self-affirming reply. Your username is explanatory!

If you wish to continue to call me names, you can PM me them. :thumbs:

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She’s never going to be a basic attack hero, you’ll be ouranged by the majority of the WP meta all of whom are going to have better attack speed when fully built.

Her strength is range, combined with a spammable A to deal out DMG from distance. Why would you want to close that gap so you can land a 120% CP attack every other attack? If you want to do that go idris he’s far more effective…


Ps - I don’t need to try it to understand why it’s bad, im a 60% winner with Celeste in mid tier 9.

Her basic attack is great early game for wave clear but it’s useless late game when you can basically spam her As every second. Are you suggesting you’ll do more DMG than going supernova on someone with a basic attack?


lol the celeste hero spotlight recommends the AS AC build…
why would you ever go AA Celeste? You have slow autos with a tiny auto range. Combined with no bulk, that is asking for death. Also, AS AC is pretty much never a good build. AC is used for sustain while AS is for burst, so either you lose out on potential damage in the long run because AS, or in the few seconds you kill them in because AC won’t have activated enough for it to be good.
Roam celeste, on the other hand, is probably really bad, but still has potential with frostburn. The problem is that unlike SAWPort, you have no early game power because you need items, and late game people like lyra are just better