Can't unfriend people?

With the new friends list resets there seems to be this glitch where if you unfriend someone they just reappear on your friends list after some time

Plus people who have been unfriended for a long time appeared suddenly for some reason

Plus phantom friend requests where you get a friend request from somebody who didn’t send you it

Is anyone else experiencing such issues? It seemed quite strange so I posted a topic on the forums xD

Hi! :sunny_happy_1:

You’ll definitely see some wonky friends list issues while the account migrations are taking place. The way they work is that when someone logs on during 4.5, their account automatically sends requests to everyone they previously had on their list. When someone on their list logs on, they will likewise send a batch request, and will automatically accept any batch requests sent to them. Ideally, this is all invisible, and players won’t know the difference, but I imagine there are lots of little things that can go wrong and make the friends list behave strangely.


Fwiw, I can’t imagine why they felt this was the proper way to migrate to a new database … :man_facepalming:

It’s not just that, you can’t also deny a friend request. I click, it vanish and after one game or quit/open the game again - that same request is there. :slight_smile:

The way they are doing this speaks to either unbelievably bad database architecture/design or incompetence. I just don’t get it.

I do, with all the things that happened over the last 1.5 years, but will keep my opinion for myself. :laughing:

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erm, when did they cut the friends list to a maximum of 40 ?

I don’t think they do? Now that more folks have logged on in 4.5, my offline list is at 119. Is your list capped at 40?

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yep, it is. my requests list will forever stay in that list, no matter how many times i click accept.

By the way when is this friends list update thing over?

As far as I know, they’ll be done by 4.6. Hopefully you don’t get too many bugs in the meantime!