Can't Reply In Guilds and Teams

There is no reply option in Guilds and Teams for me.
@Phrosts if you want to join SEMF heres the link if you want to join in game guild ask someone in NA on there.

I need to make that more obvious don’t I.

You need to join the respective group for that region then you can reply in there.

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We definitely need a thread on groups and how it works and to make it more obvious we should to have the bot welcome new members to that thread.

It’s almost just as confusing as quoting a post.

It’s simple, but nobody knows about it until it’s shown to them lol

Aye @idmonfish, you might. Even after reading your post here I had a tricky time tracking down how to get access to post there. The instructions were there but just hiding at the bottom of the forum section

I could switch it to - anyone can reply there but only group members can start new threads - that would probably reduce the painpoint a bit.

I’m actually still a bit lost on what groups are actually for. And the places I can’t post also match up with the groups I can’t join anyways?

To me groups is a way for a user to control what they want to see on the site, if you can’t join a group then there was either a mistake or that said group was never open to the public.

Groups do a number of things

  1. They gate access to some forums for posting
  2. They allow people to control what they see on their front page (off topic and broken pipe both have groups to access them so that they don’t turn up on the front page for those who don’t want to see off topic or leaks respectively).
  3. They allow us to indicate special roles or traits of users (for example the Dev group)
  4. In the long run they may well be used for fun - for example during “esports events” we could set up groups for each team so you can show you are a supporter.

I’d welcome suggestions of possible groups and uses of groups (I wondered about using them to show guilds for example). That said - the more cluttered the groups list gets the harder it is to use so I don’t want to multiple them endlessly.

How would one join said group?

On the hamburger menu there is an option called “groups” which leads you to here:

There you can elect to join groups.

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Go to the 3 dashes in the top right-hand corner and press groups. You can join open groups by pressing Join. You can not join a closed group unless brought in.


An idea I was thinking although a little redundant is perhaps making a pinned post in each region @idmonfish.

Yeah I should do that - I need to go through all the categories really and state the access permissions etc for them.

Hello, I just made an account here, and would like to make a guild recruitment post but don’t seem to be allowed to do so, what should I do?

join the guild group

You join the group for the relevant region in the groups page - accessable by the drop down menu on the top right. Then you should be able to post.

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info ^-^ and I’m glad to be here

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