Can't Get Notification

I can’t get notification from forums. Can someone help me?

What platform (PC, iOS, Android, Mac) are you on?


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Wait… are you being serious?
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Are you using the app or web browser? If using discourse app do you have notifications switched off on it

Im using Chrome.

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Did you click on your perferences settings? if you know how to change your profile pic… you should know about settings…

if thats all good, then it’s your device… make sure you don’t have a notifications blocker.

Doubt it’s device. A notification blocker would block popups the page wanted to present, not information that goes on outside of the device. Just in case -

Go to your Profile, then Preferences, then Notifications. About halfway down you will find a toggle to disable Notifications. Check this first, then check if you filtered your notifications by all the options above it. Since you only use Chrome, you should only have to do this once. Make sure to Save Changes down at the bottom.

If that doesn’t work log out, close the page, open a new page, log in. See if the problem persists.

Last but not least, restart your device, clear your cookies and history, and try again.

If all that doesn’t work, I have no idea.

but the default setting is to show notifications… so assuming it has not been touched… it could be something else…

It most likely is, however it’s doubtful that a notification blocker would be able to do so. Even if it blocked the little number by your profile image the first time, it would show it the next time he opened the page, because it is old information that came with the page.

oh, you’re thinking about the little blue number… i was thinking about the android pop up in the top pull down bar…

i think the blue number is easy fix… just make sure the settings are right…

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Thanks for help! I solved the problem. :slight_smile: