Can't decide because why?

I can’t decide if I like mage for cc aoe and sometimes damage but ehh I don’t know last time a mage burst me down tbh they don’t feel like a threat to me or to my enemies when I play them

And I don’t know if I like assassin For damage being sneaky looking cool Killin people…only assassin worth being afraid of imo is anka or Bf ahh Bf <3

But idk If it’s me or anyone else feel like this but most time I don’t wanna be touched and wanna Aoe and keep everyone away & sometimes I wanna dive in as an assassin cause I probably died as a mage then I die as assassin but that’s not the point…POINT IS I CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND AND IT’S IRRITATING

That’s why they should have a “?” random picker for all game modes.

Let FATE decide what hero you going to play.

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