Can you please stop nerfing Malene?

PS Note: Nivmett, if you see this thread, don’t take it personally even though you ARE the person who has all the control to do this.

Moving on…

Malene does not need a further nerf. SEMC(a.k.a Nivmett) has already made her perfectly balanced. There is also no need to ban her so much as she is already balanced and her damage is already toned down.


  1. As I said, Malene’s damage has been toned down already. From the VERY beginning of her release, Malene’s damage has already been one of the lowest of all mid laners if you checked VG Pro during 3.2/3.1(I forgot when she was exactly released). Heck even CP Lyra on her burst build can do way more damage than Malene can ever do.

  2. The cooldown of her ultimate is already high. Even before her nerf, a six-second cooldown on the early game is dreadful. Though good players can make amazing use of it, decent Malene players can still struggle immensely with this fat chunk of cooldown that doesn’t go down until you by cooldown reduction. Now that it is on a seven-second cooldown, Malene’s early game power feels minimalistic and she can be killed very easily during this stage.

  3. People have learned how to counter Malene. Offensive pressure from the likes of Dive comps/Intense CC comps/Early game snowballs(especially at this snowball-heavy meta) hurt Malene very much, and the recent nerf made it more obvious. When her cooldown in the late game was still at 3-2 seconds, there wasn’t much to fear as she can still use her escape abilities to good use. However now at 4 seconds, Malene has much more difficulty escaping and her potential mobility has been reduced. Getting caught on the wrong form really has SEVERE consequences especially at the 4 second cooldown on her ultimate.

  4. With longer cooldown, her potential use for aftershock is severely lowered, coupled with the recent aftershock nerfs makes her consistent damage out put much lower. Because of this, many pros opt to go for a more Crystal heavy build such as shatterglass as first iten with Spellfire, Clockwork, and prossibly another shatterglass/broken myth. Because of this, it takes longer for Malene to ramp up and the heavy crystal power, though still plenty high in terms of damage, is not made into full use because of her low crystal ratios that make her more of an aftershock-based hero. Any other mid laner would have managed insane amount damage with the items she is forced to build, but Malene can only do so much with those items.

  5. The effect of the nerfs are very obvious.Her winrate has gone down by a whopping 3%(rounded) and many other heroes have much higher win rates conpared to her. SEMC, you have already achieved what you wanted her to be, a CC mage with great mobility but sacrifices damage AND her difficulty is set to hard. The nerfs have made her match up to what Vainglory described in game and it is surely enough.

From all the points I have made, I draw the conclusion that Malene has no need to be further nerfed.

TL;DR: Just stop nerfing Malene. She is perfectly balanced already. Don’t ruin her.


Malene still has a higher win rate than many other heroes. She’s definitely not overpowered anymore, probably the reverse, but she did need the nerf. Balancing will never be perfect but it’s better to try and get heroes to where they should be even if you miss a couple times.

She’s totally ban worthy she’s top meta in midlane, well any lane really. Her kit is broken strong… and she can still lay down huge DMG (if seen 100k play on her).

Agree, Malene feels she’s doing a little dmg rn, which is well deserved since she has a bit of everything in her kit

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Because she is simply too perfect with her skillset. A root, a poke, a health barrier, a stasis and an AA empowerment. Damage needs to be toned down for that.

She doesn’t need a future nerf he already knows this hopefully or else the same thing that happened to Taka, Rona, and pre-new captain items Krul will happen again. People just need to learn how to play against them instead of complaining so much. RIP those heroes.

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She literally can 1v1 and fills no other role. Her mid lane is terrible against a good midlaner because she lacks range. Her teamfighting is bad too unless if she is fed.

@TadashiN If you will…

I disagree as a Malene user I don’t see nor feel any counters. There is no one that can handle me solo. They need 3 people when I’m on full health and two when I’m already wounded.

You play Malene in top preferably instead of mid.

Seems perfectly balanced to me 5v5 ranked only…

Her early game is still stupidly strong, and in late game she has everything for any situation.


Midgame she gets aftershock and is online…

That’s power spike is stronger than reza’s… ok no, but almost.

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Depends on what you call a powerspike. Reza has more burst Malene has more safety skills and lasts longer in a fight with a bruiser.

She is the perfect top laner because of her sustain and triple safety kit.

Reza has 2 dashes and an Ult for both defense and offense. Malene has a barrier+speedboost an invulnerable mode and a root. On top of that she has damage from switching forms and an aoe damage skill.

Her root is a swiss army knife. So is her shadow B.

Malenes power comes from the most well rounded kit in the game. Not numbers but the kit itself works wonders.

Lyra has an almost perfect kit but Malenes is even better.

what you want me to say? I am a malene main.

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isn’t that what she suppose to do… have tools for any situation

I mean to shed light on us about Malene.

The perfect kit is Vox’s. Always viable no matter what.

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Yes, but it will happen the same as BF, bf had something for everything too, and see how he ended. With Malene it will Ben the same, a kit with that many things will be either UP or OP, until they rework her. BF’s story but with a different name.

I agree with Blissey.
She doesn’t need further nerf. Her state at the moment.she is still strong if a malene main knows how to time her abilities well and is very well aware about her cooldown. but this nerf also made her vulnerable as people would carelessly switch form and be caught out in wrong form…

She is strong in 1v1, I had no problem defeating vox, glaive, krul, rona, bf unless their team feels the need to gank up on me with 2 or 3 heros.

despite her nerf in her enpowerment, her late game damage is just only 20 damage different. add a clockwork and as and spellfire. she can engage and do damaging attack from far. Malene can even take down celeste in late game if she is agressive.

like I said, the only thing that a malene main should be aware is their cooldown timer… and their form they are in. don’t careless switch and carelessly use dark B ability for random minion attack…


even if they rework her. she will still have 6/5 abilities on disposal. so goodluck with thay