Can you please make the ability boxes wider?

The ability boxes as well as the healing flask and scout cam abilities are kinda scrunched together on my phone. It would be a little better if they could be a little more spread out on the bottom of the screen. They don’t necessarily need to be taller, but it would be nice if they were a little wider.


Tbh, the tap targets definitely need work. They are better in 3.0 than they were in 2.12, but I am still mis-tapping quite a bit. And I’m playing on an iPad – I can’t even play rn on a phone.

Have you found that there’s also an issue with the time spent pressed during a tap? Sometimes on my iPad when I’m tapping abilities, I have to tap a second time because the first tap was “too fast” I suppose - I see the tap animation but it doesn’t respond.

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I run into this all the time. I have the “activate on release” thing turned off, but there are times where I have to tap 2 or 3 times to activate an ability – or it never activates at all because the enemy has already moved out of range. It may be better in this patch, but it’s still there.

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Ugh yeah, just now in a 5v5 match I whiffed a bunch of Ults using Gwen because of this. :frowning:

I think it happens only to me, so it happens to you too…that screen glitches also happen to me. Sometimes i should press twice to use the ability. And when there is an ambush or ganking, my hero walks liked stutterstep. LoL

Yeah it’s really annoying to tap on the flask when you are at full health T_T
Also, they still haven’t fixed Gwen’s A.
It’s been broken for like idk 4 patches now? Maybe more…


id rather them let us choose how much we want to maximize/minimize
the screen.

I am practicing with blitz to play on my phone. Tablet is a million times better…

I definitely have the double tap problem as well, and I’m still misclicking the flask sometimes in spur of the moment situations. I still would like to see Semc make the ability boxes at the bottom bigger.

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Where it goes off with no animation or sound? If so, this drives me up the wall.

Yep. That’s the thing.
It just throws me off for a second or two and I tap once again on my ability because I didn’t realize she used it.
Just a visual bug, but kinda annoying in teamfights…

The + buttons need to be taller. They broke it, needlessly, a couple releases back and the number of missed presses is terrible. Someone needs to burn “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” on the retinas of whomever made that changes.

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Definitely an audio bug too, the sound never plays either. It’s also extremely dissatisfying when it happens, and though it’s a bit of a silly complaint, it’s true.

Yah, it makes me crazy too. Along with several other people, I’ve reported it. SEMC is aware of it, I’ve confirmed, and it actually affects ALL A abilities, not just Gwen’s, though hers is the most noticeable. The bug has to do with the timing of an auto attack right after triggering the A ability.

I don’t know why it hasn’t been fixed, though.

I’ve wasted my Ult a number of times trying to click the Scout Cams, hurts me lots ;(


At least you not hitting the flask instead of A. Waste a flask!

Fixing it would break other animation cancelling I believe such as stutter stepping.

Its been a known bug on Gwen since before she was released publicly.

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What’s wrong with her A? Nothing that hurts her lol

There are instances where heroes’ (quite noticeable from Gwen in particular) A triggers but no animation or sound is played.