Can you guys stop afking or surrendering prematurely in 5v5?

Like holy shit…

Sorry guys I need to vent somewhere lol

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When people stop abandoning their position, over extending, and feeding…

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I had a worse experience. I think my teammates we’re illiterates. We were winning the match and for some reason one dude wanted to surrender. I refused but my whole team surrendered. I mean we had lost only 2 turrets that to in top and bottom lane. Why the f*** do you want to surrender?


Lol wow yeah that’s a wtf moment for sure. Something to think about is mobile vs PC, mobile is more on the go, so if you’re on the bus and out of time, for example, you’d be more willing to surrender than someone on the pc who’s waiting for nothing.

Might’ve been a 3/4 man where one guy had to leave the game due the reasons NinjaGuyX mentioned


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