Can you give us an AFK Forgiveness when there is a troller?

I don’t know why SEMC hasn’t made this before honestly. They keep saying like ‘we should not leave the ban/pick when we see trollers because that is unfair’ and give us a deserter but they keep ignoring all the trollers who love to sell every single items and buy full scout traps / boots or max feed. I means, I am an IT students so I believe those codes to find those trollers are not hard to made.

This has been the n-th match i met a jungler who buy full scout traps just because me and support decides to kill the miner and jungle camp in the enemy side without waiting for her to finish her current treant in the enemy side and leave all the gold for her. She buy full traps and lay them all in the base, and in the end, she is not counted as Trollers.

My friend even worse, they are T8, so one cloudy day he met 2 trollers party up at the same time. They both bought full boots and started feeding. And in the end, he got deserter from that match because they both reported him. I am his roommate so I am sure he didn’t play yesterday and that was his first match.

In the nutshell, please do something to prevent those trollers. If you don’t want to make a voice chat for us to swear at them then please make some Troller Detection.

Sorry for the long post, here is our troller: troller-2014-t4-32-tgv-4x4-turbo-diesel-unico-dono-29000km-D_NQ_NP_973405-MLB20867836853_082016-F


There definitely needs to be stricter punishment for intentional throwing. Trolling is kind of subjective though. Some people just really suck or don’t care about winning, which can often be construed as trolling.

An AI could render false positives. What if someone is so good that they could build all boots and still win? The hard part is that a system could start dictating how people play.

However, yeah, something like intentional turret diving shouldn’t be hard to track and automate punishments for.

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Nah I don’t think there is a person who build full boots but still win. Win in first 5 mins, can be, but not after that.

People who don’t want to win and keep messing around with allies in my dictionary they are still called Troller.


In your book. Hence the reason it’s subjective. I’m in by no way defending trolling, but the line is grey, because people have different play styles that don’t necessarily mesh, which can easily be construed as trolling.

Truth be told, if it is that big of an issue you can form a team and greatly minimize trolling.

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This has been brought up many times. and each time with good intentions.

Its just from a programming point of view, recognising trolling behaviour still needs a human to go through and analyse each match.

Codes can be written. but it also must be backed by a written law in the terms and conditions of playing vainglory.

SEMC needs to write down on paper, the exact defintion of trolling and the exact punishments due to those actions.

For example: “laying down more than 30 scout traps in a concentrated area of 7 range attack radius.” could be exploited by only laying down 29. and each time the rules would be amended to accommodate… getting lower and lower… the concentrated area getting bigger and bigger…

for each update, the “trolling laws” would need to be ammended and the codes re-written accordingly.

and each update, trolls would find a way to “not break the law”.

Get it? not so simple now is it.:face_with_monocle:


Time engaged with the enemy is measurable. Farming is measurable. Turret diving in measurable. Disproportionate buying of mines is measurable. Combine these notions with the report system for player validation and you can build a foolproof anti trolling system.


I agree it can be done. I just hope they don’t get scared into a corner and not do it out of fear…

I think they are hesitant because of past history. they have afk detection, and even that has been met with false positives.

How many “Deserter” warnings are met with furious players who simply had the game crash because of bugs…

That’s why they need to clearly define what constitutes as trolling behaviour. So in the case of any disputes, they can refer to the terms and conditions.

So it won’t be a heated debate about how “who cares how many traps I bought, i still won”… it’ll be clearly stipulated in writing.


I like your example, but why does SEMC has to announced how many traps you have to placed to be considered Deserted? Remember, there is no proper communication in this game so the information about that will not be acknowledged by many people. Besides, it doesn’t need to be in concentrated area. Why not laying 2 traps directly overlap each other? Or laying them directly in the healing fountain? Or if you want to be precise you don’t have to ban them directly after the match but the game will automatically send the report to the dev to be evaluated (and in this case, 99% reports will be trolls because there is almost no one place scout trap in healing fountain, even for fun). In the conclusion, there are lots of way to detect a trollers, not just one.

Besides, SEMC hasn’t touched about this topic for quite a long time. At least make some videios and show it in Academy like “101 way not to be toxic” to teach player what to do when they feel they don’t want to win, or at least stop the deserted warning with the You must have commited one of these 5 crimes but nevermind, you just got banned because last match there are premades want you to be banned

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They need to be explicit about it because, like the law, if it is not clearly defined, is it purely subjective and vague. Then, people, including legitimate players, will get banned and have no idea why.

Again, trolling is subjective from person to person. One person buying 50 traps to use for a legit reason will be indistinguishable by in an AI from people using it for trolling. In that case, it’d just be best to limit the total number of traps that someone could buy, which they actually have done in 5v5.

The biggest factor is that semc is a business and it can’t afford to alienate their customers. You need to understand that some of these people trolling actually spend money on the game. Someone who trolls and makes purchases is much more valuable to Semc than a player with the best sportsmanship who plays free. So there is also that factor which is arguably the only one that matters in a business sense.


If the troll tilts 4 players who refuse to spend money on a game that allows for this much trolling they still lose out…

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I beg your pardon, why money is involved in this?

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Because one long standing conspiracy theory has been that SEMC doesn’t ban trolls because they may be paying customers.

The conspiracy theory flies in the face of several facts:

  1. SEMC does ban trolls
  2. SEMC doesn’t seem that concerned about annoying paying customers in other contexts
  3. Not banning trolls annoys potentially 5 other paying customers

But conspiracy theories are I guess supposed to fly in the face of facts…

I suspect a better explanation is that yes they have had issues with false positives in the past particularly in SEA given the historic server/connection issues there and while they are aware that toxicity has been a rising problem, 5v5 has dominated their programming time and availability. I was happy to hear CaptainNeato say on the 5v5 prelaunch stream that toxicity would be a main focus after launch.


This patch is a trolling fest
5/10 match filled with troll
When we’re realize it, we’ve lose already

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